We’re so happy that you found Well Scent, and that you are considering alternative treatments for Babesia and tickbourne co-infections. Our blends are designed to support the immune system rather than suppress it, so you’ve come to the right place! Because Babesia acts as a parasite, anti-parasitic essential oils can be effective. The essential oil most regarded for its anti-parasitic properties is Oregano, which is why our “Balance” blend is widely used by our Lyme practitioners in patients with Lyme, co-infections and chronic pathogens: https://well-scent.com/product/balance-antimicrobial/ in addition to “Balance”, it’s important to support the liver while on antimicrobials, especially while treating Babesia and/or parasitic infections. So we also recommend our “LiverRx” blend from our new Well Prescript line: https://well-scent.com/product/liver-rx/