It is our intention to share with those wishing to cultivate more sweetness in their lives with sublime alternatives to the toxin laden products commonly found on store shelves now.

Well Scent Botanicals are 100% chemical and preservative free, there are no parabens or phthalates and each batch is individually handcrafted and tested. The oils we use are organic or wildcrafted and have found a place in the hearts and lives of others, including wellness practitioners, before being offered here.

Well scent is a holistic apothecary of organic and wildcrafted botanicals that strongly support wellness and well-being.

∙ 100% Organic & Wildcrafted
∙ Doctor recommended (M.D., N.D., D.D.S)
∙ Supported by wellness practitioners
∙ Original and proprietary formulations
∙ Local, systemic and emotional support
∙ Community focused, philanthropic vision
∙ Energetic medicine imprinted for healing

Stacy Shuman

founder – certified aromatherapist


Stacy is the CEO and Founder of Well Scent. Stacy created the formulations for Well Scent which greatly helped in her own healing from Late Stage Lyme Disease. Stacy supports this patient population and the community with her blog and by contributing profits from Well Scent to support various non-profits. She invites you to be a part of this community by joining the Well Scent Facebook page here.

“At the heart of each of us, whatever our imperfections, there exists a silent pulse of perfect rhythm, which is absolutely individual and unique, and yet which connects us to everything else.” – George Leonard

Words, Well Scent

A true inside look into living in a journey toward health and well living

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