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It is our hope now that these blends will support you on your journey towards better health of mind, body and spirit.

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“I was introduced to Well Scent from a trusted friend so I knew I had to get my hands on some of their products. When I received the products I was so impressed.” Jennifer Braunersither

Beauty Glam Now Blogger, Beauty Glam Now

“I incorporate the Well-Scent line of products into nearly every patient protocol that I write.  I love the vitality of the oils that are so thoughtfully and lovingly chosen for their healing effects.” Dr. Katie Dahlgren, ND

The Sophia Health Institute

“Ophira and I just wanted to send a big thank you for sending over the beautiful blends. We really love the mission and story behind your company (and the beautiful design).” Tali Edut

The AstroTwins

“WOW! We absolutely love the products and people from Well Scent Apothecary. Years ago when I {Lisa Beres} became ill from chemical toxins in my home…” Ron and Lisa Beres

The Healthy Home Dream Team

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Recent News

An Update from Our Founder

When I packed my bags months ago for a week-long trip to Seattle for treatment, I didn’t know that it would be the last time I would call Austin “home”. It just happened. A series of unexpected events unfolded and various delays postponed our plans to go back. Days turned into weeks, and weeks into months, but my husband and I remained in Seattle. Had we sat down at the kitchen table in our Austin home at any time in the last few years to consider the logistics of a cross country move, and the implications for our family and my business, we would have talked ourselves out of it in no time. But the challenges and crazy events of our lives this past year, though seemingly random and inconvenient at the time, now created the opportunity for us to consider it. But it was also the support of family and friends that helped us to get to this place where we could imagine the possibility of starting over. Beginning with a text message to my daughter: Is this okay? With her encouragement, I would sit with it. Yes, we can do this. Months later we are doing this. As I sit cross legged on the floor near the fireplace in our new downtown Kirkland apartment, the sound of church bells chiming in the background, I see in retrospect that in the darker hours of my life, I was vividly owning a different reality for my future. This one. Years ago, when I imagined my life was over, I was essentially just starting a new one, a life painted... read more

Every Little Counts

I wake up in a sheet of white fog, a fog so thick it blankets the entire valley, even the mooing cows across the street cannot be seen. I rub my head and notice that I feel groggy and slightly unlike myself, but I temporarily set those feelings aside as I put on my bathrobe and make my way to the kitchen. Coffee awaits. I pour the steaming hot coconut milk over the medium brew as I patiently await the sun, resisting the urge to open up my computer and start on that incredibly long ‘to do’ list that I already know will be the extent of my day. Now here’s the thing; I adore work. I love the feeling that an active mind brings, the satisfaction of a job well done, and the connections that I am lucky enough to make each and every day, but I just can’t allow myself to work every second of every moment, it leaves no room for rest, clarity, and self-love.  Too much work leaves no room for you, and all that you may be feeling in that exact moment, something that is extremely important if you want to be able to keep a healthy working schedule; if you want to keep doing what you love, whatever that may be. So, back to the steaming hot coffee, because that is what this is really about. It’s about you, making time for yourself, and knowing that it’s the little moments in your day that allow you to complete the bigger ones. It’s the little moments that help to take away any stress or anxiety you may feel... read more

Adrenal Love

The time change is approaching us, and as we feel the days get longer, the hours of light become shorter, and sense that rising chill in the air, you may begin to inevitably feel that pull to stay inside where it’s cozy and warm. You can just hear that cozy blanket, your fuzzy slippers and your mug of tea calling your name. This is the season that pulls at our energy, not only because of the long days full of holiday to-dos and obligations, but because it’s the season of retreat and hibernation. We’ve been out in the world and in the sunshine all summer, and now it’s time for our body, mind and spirit to “fall back” and take a rest. Yet, with this season also comes the impending holidays, and our day to day obligations don’t relent. So how do we keep our energy levels high throughout our long days, while also allowing our bodies the time and space to take the rest that they so crucially need? With adrenal support. Your adrenals are the powerhouse of our body; they’re our body’s energy center. They control our hormonal levels, capacity for energy and vitality, and determine our sleep/wake cycle. They effect more bodily systems than most of us give them credit for; they have a direct relationship with the autonomic nervous system, our blood pressure and heart rate, our neurological health and our digestive health. And this season, they need a little love. This is what we had in mind when we created Energize; we wanted to give credit where credit was due. We wanted to provide... read more

From The Founder

Welcome to our apothecary! The foundation of this line was developed to support my healing from Lyme disease. It is my hope now that these blends will support you on your journey towards better health of mind, body and spirit. Join our healing revolution by following the Well Scent Girls on our social media pages where we share our passion for holistic wellness.

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