Nina Levine

So I recently ordered some essential oils from a new company to me, Well Scent (based on a recommendation I read on Sarah Wilson‘s blog) and am currently using this one to help me recover from the cold I came home with.

I have to tell you that it is amazing! I started with a sore throat, and so have been rubbing it onto my throat. Last night I also put it in my diffuser while I slept. My throat didn’t turn to razor blades like it usually does when I get sick (which isn’t often, but when I get sick, I get freaking get SICK!) and this morning I’ve woken up with hardly any soreness in my throat. I also don’t feel as zapped for energy as usual. I’m hopeful that this cold won’t turn completely nasty and that I’ll be running around again soon!

“I absolutely adore the health and natural beauty products from Well Scent! This holistic brand helps to heal your body from within. My favourite products are the Sparkle and Shine tooth powders. They are carefully formulated to aid in oral detoxification as well as brightening and whitening your teeth. Fantastic, high performing products that work without compromising your health”

Shahrzad, Green Beauty and Lifestyle Blogger and Founder The Spot Beauty

I was first introduced to Stacy and her product line while I was working as a nutritionist at Sophia Health Institute in WA, and sensed she had a lot to offer to the world. Her products are high quality, high vibrational and deliver results in a healing way on all levels in the body.
I have been using Sparkle to support my oral health and have been loving the results. It is supportive for reducing gum inflammation, boosting immune health and creating a sparkling smile. I have been honored to incorporate Well Scent into my wellness practice in NJ and educate the community.

Kate Strakosch

Founder Sunshine Kate’s


“One of my physicians, Dr. Alena Zweben, guided me toward Well-Scent and these products have been one of the best gifts I have received in my recovery. It’s been really incredible to watch and experience my health improve drastically after bringing the dental care line into my world, I really could go on and on about how they were the huge turning point for me after a drastic health decline and getting my first cavity ever at 32. I preach about them to everyone I meet and even my traditionally-trained, fluoride-loving dentist is a huge fan now!

I recommend wholeheartedly Well-Scent to all of my clients as therapeutic medium in skincare and overall health. As a Master Aesthetician, I know first-hand that gorgeous, glowing skin starts from the inside out and good dental health and hygiene is the top priority when addressing any kind of inflammatory conditions on the skin’s surface (i.e. Acne, inflamm-aging) or throughout the body.

Stacy’s products have changed my life, they continue to be the turning point for my skin and health overall, and now I get to spread the love to others as I get a front row seat watching these beautiful dental health products change the lives of my clients. I can literally see their skin’s terrain completely transform within weeks of first use. They are the first thing I recommend to clients as part of my Core 4 philosophy of wellness and skin health. Anyone can benefit from these amazing products, my children use them, and I can just feel they are made with so much love.”

Amber Westfall, Aesthetician and CEO BE:WELL Skinspace

Theresa D.

I absolutely love your products and what your company stands for. I have been in treatment for Lyme disease for 3 years. My current doctor is Dr. Brooke Bodeen who was previously with the Sophia Heatlh Institute, but now practices in Portland, OR. She introduced me to your products when I had my amalgam fillings removed last year.

Thank you for offering such wonderful products.

I believe your kindness plus great products is a masterpiece in the making and the foundation for your awesome  company!

Donita R.

I just received my first order. I already love all your products and can’t wait to try more!
Alex C.

Lisa C.

I just wanted to reach out and let you know how much I LOVE the two blends that I ordered. They smell amazing – they feel like love and warmth and it’s clear how much effort and intent went into them. I want to live inside Energize – it smells beyond amazing!

Thank you for creating a line of cruelty-free, vegan products that is clearly stellar – I look forward to ordering again.

L. Cohen

I just opened Over the Moon and it smells heavenly.


Stacy- I finally found my perfect essential oil blend! Your Under the Stars! I’m obsessed!! I’ve been looking for a scent to really love. This is it!!

Happy new year!

K. Alexis

Adam Mckibben

For two decades I’ve used brand name toothpaste, never aware of the adverse effects of dental health and how many toxins enter our bodies through our mouths. My girlfriend introduced me to Watch Your Mouth, Sparkle and Shine and I am forever grateful that she did. I couldn’t be happier with the results after nearly a month of using these products. My teeth are whiter, my breath tastes better, my gums look healthier and my mouth overall feels significantly cleaner. If you’re looking to make a transition into a natural dental care line then you must give these products a shot. Well Scent has not only developed products that actually work, but somehow they’ve also managed to make the mundane task of brushing your teeth enjoyable!

Marissa P.

Energize Adrenal Support has been a must-have in my treatment of adrenal fatigue!

My gums started bleeding two weeks ago when flossing and I was showing some early signs of gingivitis.
I received the Well Scent Dental Care Line and, no joke, my persistent bleeding and really inflamed gums healed in days.
I was astounded. Typically I’m a mind over matter being, but throw these incredible quality oils and herbs into the mix and the healing was rapid.
Even more, my teeth are better than they were before! They’re super white again. And my gums are super healthy. The receding that happened from the inflammation totally reversed and then some. Feeling super grateful for these the beautiful ms Stacy at @well_scent and the body’s incredible ability to heal itself when we do what it needs.
No joke, I highly recommend these. Nicholas Kowalski NicksFits

Aly Shwedo

I was first introduced to Well Scent when I was recovering from dental surgery when I had an amalgam filling removal. A friend of mine offered her bottle of Watch Your Mouth to use for my oral pain. It quickly took away my pain and I used it over the course of my recovery to reduce recurring pain and swelling! Afterwards, I integrated the oil into my dental routine and noticed it helped with one of my most noticeable symptoms; hyper-salivation. I was told by my neurologist that this symptom, along with some blood work, was a precursor to Parkinson’s disease caused by Lyme. Having a product that reduces bacteria in the mouth has helped reduce my symptoms and fears immensely! I cannot thank Well Scent enough for the peace of mind that comes with this amazing product. I keep a bottle of Watch Your Mouth in my bag at all times and have since added more Well Scent oils like Relieve, Under the Stars, and Balance into my everyday life! Wander + Renew


The Well Scent blends are founded in science but what I love most about them is that they feel so magical. My current favorite is Balance which I am using for Lyme and co-infections. I had intended to take it internally, but it just smelled far too amazing not to use externally too. I massaged it on my neck and clavicle before bed and drifted off amidst the warmest, woodiest most decadent blend of orange, wood and plant resins imaginable. The next morning I slept through my friend talking to me, asking if I wanted coffee. I am the lightest sleeper, so I knew this was a very special product right then. While it’s made as an antimicrobial, I’m actually even more impressed by the deep deep sleep – I can’t imagine anything more healing. Next I’m trying Under the Stars, I’ve heard such remarkable things about it!

Cynthia S.

Thank you for making this line of clean products for us! I wear Under the Stars every night!  I am addicted to the fragrance!  I’ve been using aromatherapy on myself for over 35 years and your “Under the Stars” is a blend that I’ve never encountered before. Love, love, love it!  I also use it when I pray.  I plan to buy another one because I traveled recently and now I can’t find it.  I really miss wearing it on my wrists. I love all of your products and just wanted to give a little feedback! Thank you!

Hailey Allen

I am truly grateful to Well Scent and all of the lovely women I’ve been in contact with thus far.  I so appreciate all of the warmth and support!

Also, I received the package in the mail last week! I’ve had such a fun time trying out all of the products and especially love the dental care line. I have used natural toothpastes for years but none have made my teeth feel as squeaky clean and fresh as they are using Shine and Watch Your Mouth. I appreciate that your blends focus on supporting detoxification, the lymphatic system, Lyme Disease and also fight biofilms. Thank you again for the sweet gesture. I truly appreciate your kindness! @doitforthelyme

J. Kinchen

I love your products. My family has been ordering your stuff for quite a while now. Thanks for creating healthful products I can feel good about using with my family.


Dr. Tina Wellman, Ph.D

Well Scent’s products are a unique blend of gentle yet effective oils, whose results are profoundly noticeable yet not overwhelming. Often times essential oil blends are just too potent (too strong) and too overwhelming. Compliments to the chef!


Madeline B.

Well Scent is a marvel. A year ago, I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease and co-infections, after struggling with it for 10 years. Since starting treatment, I’ve done what I can to actively detox however possible. I heard about Well Scent from another Lymie and was intrigued by the idea that I could detox whilst whitening my teeth, all through the Dental Care Line. I purchased Watch Your Mouth, Sparkle, and Shine in the hopes that at least one would help my teeth feel more clean and make a noticeable difference in detoxing each day. I have been so pleased! I’m somewhat sensitive, but the cinnamon, peppermint, and clove ingredients have had no negative effect for me whatsoever, and I look forward to the feeling of freshness I get after I brush with Watch Your Mouth. In just a few days, Sparkle has lightened my teeth (an added bonus!) and Shine has decreased inflammation. Honestly, I’m super jazzed I found Well Scent; I’ll be looking to buy more products in the future and I’ll be recommending to everyone I know. I’m so appreciative of this company’s mission and work, and for recognizing what can help in treating Lyme – thank you!

Madeleine B.

Maggie C.

My family has been using Well Scent products for quite some time, and it has been exciting to watch their line of products grow! The mouth care line is so amazing and so easy to use. We have several of their other oil blends, and they are all so wonderful that we can’t even pick favorites. I also love the comfort of ordering products from such a heartfelt and honest company.

Maggie C

Michelle H.

With organic and wild-harvested ingredients, I feel much better using these to brush my teeth than anything else. I also noticed a difference almost immediately, my teeth feeling much cleaner than they typically do after a brushing with my regular toothpaste. Please check out Well Scent to learn more about their apothecary line and please consider giving some of their products a try. I was beyond impressed with the dental line and will definitely be ordering more when we run out!

-Michelle H. from Dancey Pants Disco

Lauren S.

Dear Stacy, I just want to say thank you again for creating a special cinnamon-free version of Watch Your Mouth for me.  I use it each morning and night and it makes my gums and mouth feel amazing!  Honestly, for the last few years I’ve been using a few products by (name left omitted) and, without a doubt, I prefer your blend!!  Your products do not irritate my gums but they do make my mouth feel so clean.  🙂


Claire Ragozzino

I’ve fallen in love with my Well Scent emotional support oil blends and complete dental care line. Having switched from regular toothpaste to an Ayurvedic blend years ago, I’ve loved upgrading now to the tooth powders and oils that use wonderful naturally cleansing ingredients like neem, activated coconut charcoal, and echinacea. My mouth has never felt so clean and fresh! I feel great using these products – whether I’m diffusing, anointing or brushing – knowing the quality care and intention that has gone into them makes all the difference.

Claire Ragozzino

VIDYAhealth | culture | food | clarity

Kelly A.

I am a flight attendant and often the older planes have lots of dust and mold and cause me to have horrible allergies. Recently another flight attendant and I were both having terrible sneezing fits and I remembered I had my Well Scent Breathe essential oil blend with me. We both put it under our noses and within about 5-10 minutes we both stopped sneezing. It was miraculous! They really do work! Even allergy medicine has never worked as good as this has, plus, there are no side effects. So happy to know I have a secret weapon against allergies now!
Kelly A.

Jennie Cake

I may be dating myself but does anyone remember Danny DeVito’s incarnation of Penguin in Batman Returns? He oozed this pitch black goo out of his mouth. Ugh!

Never did I think that I would be happily recreating that scene in my bathroom twice daily! It has become one of my very favorite few mins of the day. I contacted Stacy with Well Scent to ask a few questions about her dental line a few weeks back. I had already read many reviews online and was already pretty sold on it. I snapped some before shots before the product even arrived, knowing that I don’t have enough patience to do that once it got to my front door. I ordered both dental oils (Watch Your Mouth and Just for Grins) to try, Shine (the dental exfoliant and remineralizer) to put a good polish on my teeth, and Sparkle – Natural Dental Detox and Whitening which intrigued me the most. I love the flavor of both oils, neither is too hot even with the cinnamon and clove oils.

Watch Your Mouth is a bolder flavor and includes Peppermint. Just for Grins excludes Peppermint and is ideal if you use homeopathic remedies. Personally my current favorite is Just for Grins, however, I tend to like variety in my tooth pastes and have been going back and forth depending on my mood and whether or not I’m popping any Arnica… (Because I tend to run into things and get some decent bruises, I do like including Homeopathic Remedies). Both Well Scent Dental Blends are super powerful! They also doesn’t burn, even if you have a cut. Try placing a drop on your tooth brush and brush your tongue lightly, let the oil sit until your final rinse, and optional but recommended, use a tongue scraper.

Shine! It’s like having a tiny dental hygienist in a little jar. Is that creepy? No, okay good, you get it. I usually hate the pumice polishing at the dentist because I just can’t rinse out my mouth enough. Shine is a super fine powder and again comes in both peppermint and unflavored. I add a few drops of either the Watch Your Mouth or Just for Grins and dip the very tip of my toothbrush in the polishing powder. I scrub in circular motion all over and my teeth feel smoother in just days. I imagine that this would recreate a professional dental cleaning really well.

~`*Sparkle*`~ Okay, I am not a stranger to activated charcoal, I have used toothpastes that included activated charcoal as an ingredient. My husbands favorite toothpaste (before Well Scent arrived) was a paste made with essential oils and charcoal. While he generally liked it, it just didn’t noticeably whiten!

I have had no tenderness in my gums with Shine, which is unheard of for me. I have a slight sensitivity on the teeth themselves, I believe this is just getting used to brushing a bit more than usual. It is not uncomfortable or anything like whitening at the dentist.

The cost of the products was the one thing that initially caused me to wait on placing my order, but now that I have actually tried the dental line from Well Scent (and now adore!), I can tell you that it’s worth it. I usually allocate a certain amount of our monthly budget for dental, and while in the past 100% of this went to our dentist, I have since decided to earmark some of it towards products that approach dental care holistically!

Laura H.

Several alternative health care givers impressed upon me the importance of reducing inflammation in the body, so I started questioning why my gums were showing signs of increasing inflammation despite regular dental visits and brushing.  After researching for natural dental care products, I began using the Well Scent dental formulas and powders.  I immediately noticed a tremendous difference in how clean my teeth felt when I woke up in the morning.  6 months ago I had a teeth cleaning I was a bit nervous about, since it had been almost a year since my prior visit.  However, when the hygienist started cleaning my teeth, she exclaimed, “You take such great care of your teeth!”  Lastly, on my most recent visit for a teeth cleaning, my gums were no longer showing signs of the inflammation and there was a minor amount of plaque for removal.  I credit the improved gum health completely to my Well Scent dental regimen the past year:  Brushing with Just for Grins and Shine one to two times daily, and not rinsing the product out with water for maximum benefit.  Thank you, Well Scent, for the great wellness products!  Laura H.

Alireza Panahpour, D.D.S.

I highly recommend the Well Scent Dental Care line to my friends, family and to my patients. The results are impressive. Using these products is a simple option to assist in improving and maintaing ones dental health. Many thanks for such a fantastic product.

Alireza Panahpour, D.D.S.

Systemic Dentist, Bellevue, WA.

Modern Day Dads

The biggest thing that our readers appreciate about our reviews and articles are that they know we wouldn’t even waste our time talking about a product if we didn’t believe in it. We carefully pick who we work with for that reason.  With that in mind, we mean what we say…you have a good product and people need to know about it.
All the best,

Conor | Founder of Modern Day Dads


Alicia Freed

I have been very intrigued with your product line, most specifically the dental products and Glow – Radiant Serum. I definitely respond to unique companies like yours that use such pure ingredients, it goes right along with what Living Earth Beauty is all about! I have started using the dental care line recently and the main thing I notice with the potent combination of Shine Dental Exfoliant and Watch Your Mouth was that my teeth felt extra clean and smooth all day. You can tell its creating an environment in your mouth that is difficult for plaque and other germs to grow. The other thing I really like is that the products have a great taste! Can’t beat that! Alicia Freed, CEO of Living Earth Beauty

April Tesson

Candice mentioned she had shared my feedback on our first purchase but to tell you directly, we are astounded at the effectiveness of the Relieve Oil for our son Hayden.  He has managed to be on his feet everyday since we started using it two weeks ago.  It has given me such hope!!!  Thank you for creating such amazing, healing products, you are truly impacting peoples lives! I am a total believer now!!!!  Looking forward to trying more products for him and me….placing another order today:)

April Tesson

Sarah M.

I’ve been using Just for Grins for about a week now, but I could’ve given it a 5-star review after the very first use! Over the past days, I have watched my teeth become brighter, cleaner, smoother (virtually no plaque buildup at all!), and my entire mouth feels healthier than it has been in years. I have been looking for a natural alternative to toothpaste for a long time now, and I have finally found it! Not only is Just for Grins a phenomenal product, but the customer service from this shop has been equally wonderful. My order arrived sooner than I had expected and with extremely generous packaging. If you have been searching for a natural solution to oral health, I *highly* recommend Just for Grins, and be sure to check out some of the other awesome blends from Well Scent! 🙂 A very enthusiastic 5 stars!!

Sarah M.

Jennifer Braunersither

I was introduced to Well Scent from a trusted friend so I knew I had to get my hands on some of their products. When I received the products I was so impressed. My FAVORITE is the Watch Your Mouth+ Shine Dental Powder duo. I used it to brush my teeth and right then and there yelled to my boyfriend, “you have to come try this. Our teeth were the cleanest we have ever felt. We threw out our regular toothpaste and have never looked back! We have just found the HOLY GRAIL to dental health. Thank you Well Scent! Jennifer Braunersither, Beauty Glam Now Blogger


Thank you so much, I just received my order today!  I put the Over the Moon on straight away and am so in love with the scent.

So excited to have these new Well Scent blends, means so much to find high quality and well imagined oils


Alana Sue Morgan

I must admit I was a bit skeptical when I first heard of this product, after all how could essential oils help my mouth health?!

I could not have been more wrong! When I began using Watch Your Mouth I had a problem tooth that off and on would ache or bleed when brushed. I brushed 2x daily and oh my! Within 2 days the bleeding stopped and the ache was GONE!

I went for my dental check up and found that there was decay under my crown but it was HEALING! The biggest thrill of that dental visit was when they measured my gum line (you know little pokie thing at the gum line telling if you had receding gums or pockets forming….well, my measurements were always 4’s, which is not good, this visit they were 2’s and 3’s!!!!

I completely attribute this huge difference to the Watch Your Mouth! I love this product and all of you at Well Scent!

Thank you so much for making such a difference in my mouth health and my life!!!


Alan Sue Morgan

Jennalise Bernhardt

My LLMD first recommended that I use the anti microbial Well Scent product Renew on my stiff neck years ago and it continues to relieve so much tension and pressure.  She also suggested I use Release to help with drainage and detox, it works great. I love to brush my teeth with Just for Grins, no sugar in my toothpaste means I’m not feeding the bugs, and that’s a good thing.
Everywhere I go I share how much I enjoy Well Scent products I recommend them to everyone I meet. I think their quality, care and intuition in making the product is amazing and I recommend Well Sent to everyone!

Jennalise Bernhardt

Ruth Martin

I have been using your oral health/Lyme treatment products including Shine, Watch Your Mouth, Balance and Renew for a few months. I appreciate so much the care you have taken in formulating these safe, effective and delightful products.

I recently turned 51, just after having oral surgery to clean out an infected wisdom tooth cavitation and an infected root canal that have been poisoning my system for a long time. The after-surgery recovery process was challenging, with a lot of lymph swelling and a Lyme rash that broke out all over my body and lasted for weeks!

Your Balance oil blend (recommended by my Sophia Clinic doctors) was so important to me during the acute phase of my recovery. I gently massaged the Balance oil (and, later, Renew) twice a day across my forehead and sinuses, around my tender jaw line and down onto the swollen lymph glands in my neck to help disinfect the tissues and encourage lymph drainage. I loved the smell and therapeutic effect it provided every time I used it. I appreciated even more the unexpected benefit of feeling a definite energetic imprint of “loving kindness” in your product. At the time I had never seen your website or brochures – I had no idea about your company. But the gentle “caring” invested in your products was obvious to me.

Thank you so very much for creating medicine that is natural and nurturing to the spirit as well as the body. Wow!

Blessings to you and all of your team at Well-Scent. Keep up the great work!

Ruth Martin
Morton, WA

Dr. Dave Ou

Using Dr. Klinghardt’s Autonomic Response Testing (ART), I have found that only a small fraction of the sea of natural products on the market will energetically balance my patients.  I have learned to be very picky about what I recommend.  Since other ART practitioners have found that Watch Your Mouth tested well, I wanted to test it in my practice.  I have found  that Watch Your Mouth is one of those few products which energetically matches me and many of my patients.

Dave Ou, MD, PhD – Bridges to Health

Barbara Wright

I placed an order yesterday that I am really hoping to get as quickly as possible. It is a big order because I am getting ready for Christmas gifts. I am already thinking I want more for xmas gifts…I LOVE your product and now can’t use anything else!!!

Barbara Wright, Seattle

Christina Sanford

I have to share with you what happened during my dentist visit. You will LOVE this story. I’m bringing in samples on my next visit of the Well Scent dental lines to see if they want to carry it an I think they will definitely be calling you! Basically in a nutshell, they were flipping out because I did not bleed at all during my cleaning. They said my teeth had ZERO decay, tartar and said honestly in 20 years…they had only one other patient that didn’t bleed. She said my gums were SO healthy and wanted to know what I was using. Awesome, right? I got an A+ from the dental hygienist!

Christina Sanford

Sophia Nutrition

Dr. Katie Dahlgren

I incorporate the Well-Scent line of products into nearly every patient protocol that I write.  I love the vitality of the oils that are so thoughtfully and lovingly chosen for their healing effects.  The research and intention behind every formulation is reflected in the clinically effective and energetically beautiful products.  Almost all of my patients have trouble with lymphatic stagnation and the combination of the Release lymphatic and sinus oil blend with ultrasonic vibration is incredibly effective for breaking up thick mucus and biofilms.

Dr. Katie Dahlgren, ND

Holistic Healing Arts

The AstroTwins

Ophira and I just wanted to send a big thank you for sending over the beautiful blends. We really love the mission and story behind your company (and the beautiful design). I am going to bring them with me for my honeymoon trip to Burning Man tomorrow. I know each one of them will be so useful there.

I Tweeted them (@WellScent blends are literally making us smile today.) today and will put in a horoscope for October when I get back to writing mode in September. We love supporting amazing women in business so this just makes sense. And I’m sure our readers will totally dig what you’re doing too!

Thank you again and much love and gratitude to you all!

Tali Edut

The AstroTwins

Ron and Lisa Beres

WOW! We absolutely love the products and people from Well Scent Apothecary. Years ago when I {Lisa Beres} became ill from chemical toxins in my home, I made a decision to eliminate as many toxins from my life as possible; including any and all synthetic medication. I knew instinctively that our bodies have the power to heal and when you give your body what it needs, it works wonders. The 100% natural essential oils accomplish this due to their therapeutic properties. It’s all in the details and Well Scent understands this by choosing to utilize only the finest and organic ingredients (not to mention they smell heavenly). We would unequivocally recommend this brand to anyone who is ready for a medicine cabinet makeover – the way nature intended – by healing symptoms; not masking them! ~

Ron & Lisa Beres The Healthy Home Dream Team

Naomi Seifter

I am obsessed with the Well Scent dental/oral care products. My gums feel clean for the first time ever. I love the added benefit of dry brushing, and I feel so GREAT about the ingredients. My teeth feel super clean, I don’t have morning breath anymore, and I can’t wait to continue using this!
Naomi Seifter, CEO of Picnik

Allison Hofmann, ND

Allison Hoffman sends her comments on some of our dental/oral health products.

I LOVE Watch Your Mouth + Shine Dental Powder. I use it myself and I literally haven’t seen it test poorly for anybody at Sophia Health Institute. It’s a much needed solution for people’s dental care. We recommend it daily for sure. I have also tried Pause for Peace and Energize – we (the doctors at Sophia Health Institute) have these in our offices and use them in between patients. I recently finished a bottle of Renew and enjoyed using that and felt it was a very effective antimicrobial without being too harsh. That’s what I love about your products – they are powerful yet balanced.

Allison Hofmann, N.D. Bella Fiore Klinic

Whitney Lauritsen

Thank you so much Stacy for your wonderful products! I am so grateful to know your company – it was brought so much joy and healing into my life and I’ve introduced so many friends to it that feel the same way.

Whitney Lauritsen EcoVeganGal

Dr. Schaffner

As a Naturopathic Physician and Organic Med Spa Owner,  I have a very high standard for ingredient  purity, efficacy, as well as the energetics behind formulations .  Well Scent exceeds my standards and the intention behind the products is felt with each drop.  Personally, I love the Glow and carry both Energize and Pause for Peace in my purse.  Watch your Mouth combined with Shine Dental Powder is a staple in my treatment protocols.  This combination clears hard to treat dental infections.  In addition, Release – Lymphatic and Sinus supports my patient’s congested lymphatics while they enjoy the healing benefits of this aromatherapy blend.

Christine Schaffner, N.D.

Sophia Health Institute

Bella Fiore Medical Spa

Jason Wrobel

I am excited about your amazing line of organic and functional oil blends for holistic support & dental and oral health care. I appreciate the intention and high-vibe handcrafted formulations. Thank you for your cruelty-free, plant-based vegan products! I am smellin’ so fine and boy do my teeth shine!

Jason Wrobel Celebrity Vegan and Raw Food Chef

Sarah Elizabeth

Such an amazing line of essential oils! The team is lovely and so kind and the beauty that each of them carry, vibrates through the oils themselves 🙂

Sarah Elizabeth

Jim Craft

All natural and all healthy-how often in today’s environment can one state that a product makes you feel good about doing good by your body?
Thank you WS!

Jim Craft

Cathy Devoe

I love, love love the mouth products. I am looking forward to trying your other products. Well done!

Cathy Devoe

Leslie Garcia

Honest clean products. Love knowing that I’m putting good organic products on my skin and in my bloodstream. They smell wonderful too. Looking forward to trying watch your mouth.

Leslie Garcia

Sarah Williams

These products rock my socks off 🙂 …..I am using the Watch Your Mouth products and I am pretty sure I am in love. Makes your teeth feel fabulous! You actually feel like you are doing your mouth some justice compared to regular toothpaste. Plus, your breath is smells great!

I recognize Oral Health is SO important to your OVERALL health (Heart disease is rampant in my family). You can dodge a lot of health problems by keeping your mouth healthy. Definitely reccommend people make the switch from toothpaste to this!!!!! Everyone wants a pretty smile right?!

Sarah Williams

Jaime Aiuto

Well Scent’s Glow is such a wonderful product. I can actually see my skin looking better, and dare I say younger (yeah!!) day by day. It’s rare to find something so special!

Jaime Aiuto

Ava Waits

Thank you so much for the sweet handwritten thank you note in my package that arrived today!
I am in love with the Watch Your Mouth already.

Ava Waits


Anna Scurry

I was introduced to Well-Scent’s oils from our friends Ron and Lisa. As a Lifestyle Nutritionist and Cellular Healing Coach I am always looking for the best tools, products and ways to help myself and other women heal and feel their absolute best! I received my “Over the Moon” bottle right before I went to Tony Robbins UPW and I used it everyday. I felt so much more hormonally balanced overall. I also scanned myself upon my return with my Biofeedback Device and for the 1st time my ENTIRE Endocrine system was balanced and equal! I could feel the power and balance of my beauty and femininity. I now recommend this oil to most women, as it is transformational on the emotional, well-being and physical aspects helping to align us with our Truest self.

Anna Scurry

Amy B. Scher

All of my clients and colleagues know I’m not a big fan of “products.” During my own 8 year journey with chronic Lyme disease and other illnesses, I just didn’t see the benefit outweighing the cost and got disheartened. As an energy therapy practitioner now, I really encourage my clients to change and balance their energy systems from within to heal on a whole new level – teaching them they already hold the biggest piece of their own healing. However, Well Scent products are so awesome that I constantly break my “no products recommendation” rule. I literally feel like they help instigate the body’s natural ability to heal, balance, protect and ground. They amplify the awesomeness we already posses. My favorite is Pause For Peace (I personally wear it as perfume) which helps on more levels than I think it was created for. There seems to be some magic to applying it right under the eyes at the top of the cheekbones – acupressure points for worry. Chill Out is another must-have and works to support the adrenals. The quality and care that goes into these products are unparalleled. Well Scent, simply, rocks!

Amy B. Scher – Energy Therapy For Emotional Healing

Fran Sussman

I could immediately feel how energetically alive the products are when I first opened the package. They are testing very well for a number of my clients using ART (autonomic response testing). I look forward to integrating this line into my practice. Thanks for your wonderful work.

Fran Sussman
Fran Sussman Holistic Services

Mel M.

Thank you for the discount (and the beautiful meaning behind it) so I could order more Balance and Renew. Besides both smelling DIVINE, I really feel that it is helping with my treatment of Lyme and Anaplasmosis

Mel M.

Dr. Stuart Nunnally, DDS

I am really enjoying your products! I have some exciting feedback from our dental practice on your dental/ oral health blends. We used the phase microscope on all our patients in hygiene and all new patients on the doctors side.  I took a bacteria slide on my two assistants. On both slides we noted several different types of bacteria that could cause gingivitis or periodontal disease. For example, spirochetes, gliding rods, and spinning rods.  I had one assistant’s brush w/ just Watch your mouth and then retested. I then had the other assistant brush w/ the PrimTooth mixed w/ the Watch your mouth.  Both slides improved and noted less bacteria on the one that only used the Watch your mouth but the one that used both improved more, did not note any spirochetes. These are the form of bacteria that breaks down the bone around the teeth. I was impressed how it lowered the bacteria just by brushing the teeth. I will continue to monitor the products and let you know any new info. Please use this information in your education to support the science behind these formulations.

Thanks you for sharing your line with us.

Tabitha Long RDH

Stuart, Nunnally and Freeman

Healthy Smiles for Life

Cynthia McBride

I am really impressed with Watch Your Mouth and Shine Dental Powder. I began using it last month after a dental appointment at Nunnally, Freeman & Owens. I don’t have any gum pain after using the product to destroy dental spirochetes. I think I may have avoided having an abscessed tooth. Thank you for making such great products!

Cynthia McBride

Nancy Egger

I have had both Lyme and Morgellons Disease for 29 years. After several years of intense antibiotic protocols, I am now looking into more natural solutions to some of my health issues. I read about the products made by Well Scent online and was initially intrigued by the Watch Your Mouth and PrimiTooth combination to help with inflammation and other gum and teeth issues. My teeth feel cleaner than they ever have, and I no longer wake up with that nasty morning mouth. Since I was so impressed with these two products, I ordered the Balance and Renew oil blends. I use a few drops before going to bed, and it actually makes me feel so much calmer and relaxed. I am able to fall asleep much quicker. I woke up one night and remembered that I had forgotten to apply the oils, so I got up and applied it in the middle of the night. I also ordered a sample of the Smile, and will be ordering the full size bottle soon. It truly does just make you smile. I never wear any fragrances, but I love the smell of Smile. I have attended several Morgellons and ILADS conferences in the past few years, and I intend to spread the word about how helpful these Well Scent products have been. I’m a lifelong customer!

Nancy Egger

Charles. E. Holman Morgellons Disease Foundation

Leslie Garcia

Honest clean products. Love knowing that I’m putting good organic products on my skin and in my bloodstream. They smell wonderful too. Looking forward to trying the whole line.
Leslie Garcia

Sarah Williams

These products rock my socks off 🙂 …..I am using the Watch Your Mouth products and I am pretty sure I am in love. Makes your teeth feel fabulous! You actually feel like you are doing your mouth some justice compared to regular toothpaste. Plus, your breath is smells great!

I recognize Oral Health is SO important to your OVERALL health (Heart disease is rampant in my family). You can dodge a lot of health problems by keeping your mouth healthy. Definitely reccommend people make the switch from toothpaste to this!!!!! Everyone wants a pretty smile right?!

Sarah Williams


Just received my bottles of Balance and Renew in the mail today. I have to tell you, I can feel the good vibes and love you put into these products and that is so awesome! I got sample size of Smile and Breathe, they are wonderful. I am inhaling the summery scent of Smile on my wrists, like every two seconds. And the trial of the 2 dental products, I cant wait to brush my teeth tonight. Love everything about these products and I am glad I found them.


Jamie Rautenberg

I only just received my samples earlier this week, but I’m already hooked! I’m a big fan of Watch Your Mouth -I love the taste, but it’s also helped heal a stubborn canker sore. I’ve been having a lot of sleep issues from Lyme, and was surprised when I used Breathe in the diffuser and on my chest, I instantly fell asleep. It’s incredibly soothing and relaxing. I also enjoy a bit of Go Go! under my nose to clear congestion. I really like Renew, as well-I put a little in my belly button and on the diffuser to add refreshment to the air. Thank you so much for creating these beautiful products!

Jamie Rautenberg

Jagna Larson, L.Ac.

My favorite product right now is Watch Your Mouth. I use it daily in my dental routine when brushing my teeth as well as adding a drop to my dental floss for an extra clean. I’ve had a few transatlantic flights recently and keeping WYM in my pocket as well as Release was a life saver. A few drops of WYM directly in the mouth during the flight and a few drops of Release with some lymph massage while in my seat helped me immensely. I also have been recommending this to my patients (with great success!) after having dental work done such as root canal extraction and gum disease. So many uses and such a great product.

Jagna Larson, L.Ac.

Sophia Health Institute

Kate Evans, LMT

Personally, I love Watch your Mouth! It has totally helped with sensitivity and itchy gums (weird but true). In my massage practice my clients absolutely love Go Go. It is amazingly effective in helping my clients get through this years horrible cedar pollen. It not only opens the sinuses but the love the scent. Oh and Over the Moon is well…over the moon! How can you pick just one?

Kate Evans

Helen Evans

This review of your products is long overdue!! I have been using several of the Well Scent blends since late last summer and I can’t pick just one favorite because every one I’ve tried has been incredibly helpful! I work with the practitioners at Sophia Health Institute and they recommended I initially use Watch Your Mouth and Shine. From the very first time I used them, my mouth felt so clean and fresh, but even better than that was the fact that these products were helping to treat the dental challenges that I’ve had for a long time. How wonderful that such a helpful piece of my protocol could also be so easy and pleasant to do!  At a subsequent visit to Sophia, I was tested (using ART) for your Balance formula and Release. Both tested extremely well and in fact the Balance tested so strong for me that my doctor listed it as a priority to use for the many infections I’m dealing with as a Lyme patient. I use the Balance over my sinuses and have begun also using a drop in my belly button at night. Release has really helped to reduce the swelling I experience in the lymph nodes in my neck which is caused by chronic oral and sinus infections. At night, I rub a few drops of Release into the area right above my clavicle bones as well as in the front of my neck. From the very first time I did this, there’s been a dramatic reduction in the swelling of the lymph nodes when I wake up the next morning. I am so grateful for your wonderful products, Stacy!

Helen Evans

Sue Niemi

My favorite product, even though I have almost all of them, would have to be Smile. It is so aptly named and, from the first time I used it, every time I use it, it makes me smile – literally. I apply a couple drops to my chest and it helps to keep my spirits up during the day. I love the scent it has, and every whiff I get is a little pick-me-up during the day. Thank you for making such a great product for those of us who need an emotional boost from whatever it is we are dealing with!

Susan Niemi

Sally Martin

I love Pause for Peace. Before I begin bodywork, I dab a bit on my neck to keep myself in a centered, peaceful place during my work. My sessions are better when I do this! (My clients get Go Go on their face cradle covers to keep sinuses open and facilitate detoxification during their massage.

Sally Martin

Valinda Edwards

I love Smile the most! All of your wonderful products have been recommended to me by the Klinghardt-trained doctors at Sophia Health Institute. I enjoy Smile right after a warm detox bath. I rub it on my chest near my heart then rub the excess of the oil in my hair or arms so I can smell it better. Love it!

Valinda Edwards

Kristina Carlton

I use Balance, Smile, Watch Your Mouth, and PrimiTooth. It’s hard to pick a favorite as I love all of them. However, I do really love Watch Your Mouth.

I use it to brush my teeth (with PrimiTooth) and sometimes a few drops for fresh breath. According to my husband it works for the latter.

It was also recommended by my Klinghardt-trained practitioner at Sophia Health Institute last time I saw her. ART testing showed slight microbial activity around two recent cavitation surgery sites, and ART testing confirmed that Watch Your Mouth would clear this microbial activity.

Kristina Carlton

Jennifer Hacker

It is very hard to choose only one product but since I must, I choose You Glow Girl. It is particularly useful to prevent “lizard legs” in the winter … All those horrible dry scales are gone! I also use it morning and night on my face. I have received numerous comments on my “beautiful skin” since I started using this product. You Glow Girl has noticeably improved the look and feel of my skin.

J. Hacker

Patty Sedore

I recently started using Watch Your Mouth (with Primitooth) and am addicted already! My teeth feel so awesome and hope to get my amalgam fillings removed this year and know this will help so much! Thank You for this wonderful product!

Patty Sedore

Kristie Yutzy

I love love love Go-Go lymphatic and detox oils! My LLMD (Lyme-literate medical doctor) wants to me use the lymph oil with a Clarisonic Brush, but I don’t have one of those yet! Keep up the amazing work! I tell everyone about how amazing your stuff is! LOVE your products and would love to try more!

Kristie Yutzy

Kristyn Waters

My favorite product is definitely Watch Your Mouth. I use it as a toothpaste and as a spot treatment for any oral irritation. Besides the great fresh taste, my teeth are whiter than ever as well! This particular product wasn’t recommended to me, but a few of the other products were and after using (and loving!) them, I purchased Watch Your Mouth and Pause for Peace on my own. Looking forward to trying Breathe!

Kristyn Waters

Geneva Sampson, LMT

I just finished my first order of Watch your Mouth and Primitooth. It was strange at first because you don’t get the frothy exhibition in your mouth like you do with normal toothpastes, however, now that I’ve run out (I didn’t time my next order well at all) using the normal toothpaste just isn’t the same. My mouth overall feels cleaner with your product (even when I wake up in the morning it still feels clean). I have relatively sensitive teeth and I think this may be helping with some of that (to be determined) and I rather enjoy knowing that I’m putting something better in my mouth. I haven’t used any of your other products in my massage therapy practice yet, I’m trying to decide what to try out next.

Geneva Sampson, LMT

Blum Body Therapy

Evan Frost

Watch Your Mouth is definitely my fave product, it’s the last thing I do to (take 4 drops before bed) and has helped with overall oral health and reduced my gum sensitivity. well-scent rocks!

Evan Frost

Eleana Zimand

Breathe is my favorite Well Scent blend!! I love this in general since I have respiratory issues, but I am also fairly confident it helped me recover from a cold twice as quickly as my husband…& I am immune compromised, so the stuff rocks!

Eleana Zimand

Amy Swinarton

Hard to choose a favorite but I will go with Release for detox. Balance (very potent) and Renew are a close second. I am now using these through my LLMD (Lyme-literate Medical Doctor), thought I would try them as an adjunct on my own. Swollen lymph nodes are much improved!

Amy Swinarton


Darin Cordell

I Love Pause for Peace. I have started a new ritual when I get home. I put a little on my wrists and meditate for a few minutes. Perfect way to rid the stress from the day.

Darin Cordell

Debbie Dubielczyk

Hi Well Scent Team! It’s a pleasure to meet all of you! I have heard a lot of wonderful things about all of you… to that, I am enjoying your products immensely! I invite family & friends to give some of these wonderful oils a try. I can’t go a day without them now… they are part of my daily routine!! Great work Well Scent… job well done!!! A natural approach to living & treating your body with respect. Happy 2014 to you all.

Debbie Dubielczyk

Fran Sussman

The other day I gave “Over the Moon” to a woman as a holiday gift (it muscle tested for her)  and she opened it and put some on. Her whole appearance immediately seemed to shift! She couldn’t believe how much better she felt: relaxed, centered, open, calm. It was lovely! I hadn’t thought of it as relaxation per se, but the way it brings you into yourself is very grounding, for sure.
Fran Sussman Holistic Services Inc.

Beth Ann King

I had a teeth cleaning today. Had not had one in over a year (Yikes) because I was too ill to make it to the dentist. I received an A+ today on my dental health. After removing 4 amalgams, getting 10- once surface fillings and using Watch Your MouthShine Dental Powder daily, My teeth look great, My gums look great and I owe it all to your wonderful products. I have never gotten an A+ report after a cleaning  Next step….Wisdom teeth removal. Thank you for making these amazing products to enhance all of our health!

Beth K.


Thank you for the beautiful wildcrafted organic oils! I LOVE-LOVE-LOVE “Smile” & “Over the Moon“. Can’t wait to experience the others! Many blessings to you & your adventure of sharing these pure healing oils!
Vicki J. San Antonio

Leslie M.

True woman empowerment has only components of masculine strength, but at the heart of a strong woman is one that embraces her feminine, soft side. The blend “Over the Moon” reminds me of just that.

Leslie M., San Antonio

Tifphanie Turner, LMT

I have used ‘Over the Moon‘ personally and with a couple of my very attuned clients. I find this blend to be grounding, expansive, and beautifully feminine. It supports rooted, feminine strength, beauty, and power. Linked with and created for this upcoming full moon, I believe the blend supports release and letting go, opening us to receive the new and exciting gifts coming. I’m lovin’ this blend, Stacy. Thank you.
Tifphanie Turner, CranioSacral and Reiki Practitioner, Austin, TX.

Sue Niemi

I got your package of oils a couple days ago, and just started using Renew today.  I’ve had a weeks worth of the worst case of flu/sinusitis/bronchitis in about 10 years, and can’t smell a thing yet, but about a minute after I put a drop of the oil in my belly button, I felt something shift in my head. It was almost like someone moved it just a little and things got brighter.

Wow!!! I’m just getting very faint whiffs of orange (which I adore) once in a while now, and can’t wait to be able to appreciate all the scents in the blends! My hands and feet are starting to warm up for the first time in 5 days – it’s feeling like a miracle!!  I think the Renew got me over the hump. I’m eager to see what happens next!!

Sue Niemi


I am LOVING all of your products!! I particularly love SMILE…every time I smell it, I literally smile:) I avoid perfume and so I love just putting a few drops on. My husband enjoys my new scent as well!! I also love Watch Your Mouth which makes my mouth feel so clean!! I’m looking forward to trying the newest mouth product, Just for Grins🙂 I shared how much I enjoy your products with our local Vitamin Store. The owners have studied under Dr. Klinghardt so I knew they would be interested!!Thanks for amazing products and your sharing your sweet spirit. I connect with many things you say about this journey….kindred spirits:)

Carolyn Denney



As a pregnant momma I’ve been searching for something to support my growing tummy. Blossum – Baby in the Belly Rub is simply the best product I’ve come across! Not only does it support my stretching skin but soothes the itching belly that many of us experience during pregnancy AND not a stretch mark yet!

As a nutritionist working with women’s health, I will most definitely be recommending this product to all of my pregnant clients and friends.”
Alexis Saloutos MS, CN

Kate Evans, LMT

Awesome handmade, local, organic essential oils. My personal favorite is Pause for Peace but I love to use GoGo Sinus on my massage clients that are all stuffy…it really opens up their breathing and has even helped with edema issues. Yay for vibrational medicine!

Kate Evans, LMT, Restore Corrective Massage, Austin, TX.

Tifphanie Turner, LMT

Stacy has put a lot of thought and love into her essential oil blends. As a massage therapist, I use Release – Lymphatic and Sinus with my clients for help with congestion and allergies. It works well and everyone loves it. Personally, I use Glow – Radiant Serum for bath and body. The oils are extremely hydrating and the scent is relaxing and rejuvenating at the same time. I also use WATCH YOUR MOUTH with much success. The whole product line is functional, healthful, & fun. Stacy is awesome.

Tifphanie Turner, LMT (Cranial Sacral Therapy and Reiki), Austin, TX.

Leslee M.

I LOVE Glow – Radiant Serum! I was hesitant to use an oil on my face thinking that it would make me break out, or be too greasy. I have been using Glow twice a day for the last eight weeks and have had many compliments on my skin! No breakouts!! Works great to gently remove eye make-up at night and under make-up as well. I am impressed!!!! Thank you Well Scent!

Leslee Massey, Austin, TX., Stylist at Wet Salon and Studio

Morgan T.

I have experienced a myriad of issues with my gums for the better part of 5 years and with only 2 uses of WATCH YOUR MOUTH. I experienced more improvement than any other over the counter treatment. The fact that the substances used are organic and holistic only adds to my satisfaction with this product. In short: it’s good for you and it works. I have also used Well Scent’s essential oils for my hair and face and have experienced equal enjoyment. I would readily recommend any of these products to my friends and family with confidence.

Morgan T., Austin, TX

Carol S.

Love my WATCH YOU MOUTH and YOU GLOW GIRL. My gums and my skin feel great. I love the taste of theWATCH YOUR MOUTH, it makes my mouth feel really fresh, almost makes flossing fun! Love the smell of the skin drops, a little really makes my skin glow. THANK YOU STACY!

Carol S., Brigantine, N.J.

Gary S.

Spirochetes are the bacteria in your mouth that predispose you to heart disease. I learned this after a visit with a holistic dentist who showed me on a monitor the slide where a sample from beneath my gum line had earlier been taken. There were other bacteria, as well, but this particular bacteria is the worst kind. I started WATCH YOUR MOUTH within a couple days of that appointment. Three weeks later, we retested. There was a profound improvement in all bacteria and only a few spirochetes were noted. This was only after three weeks. Needless to say, I am convinced now of the benefits of this product.

Gary S., Austin, TX.


I use the Release on my dry brush before showering each morning. My skin is no longer dry and flaky & instead is now smooth and silky, even at the end of a long day! I also use WATCH YOUR MOUTH for my gums. I think my periodontist will be pleased with the results at my next visit. The essential oils smell divine & I love the taste of the oral products.

Cheryl A., Austin, TX.

Valinda Edwards

I love YOU GLOW GIRL – RADIANT SERUM. It makes my face feel AMAZING and gives me back the glow I lost by being sick with Lyme Disease. Stacy puts such love into her products and I am completely addicted to them all. The PAUSE FOR PEACE helped me sleep better then I’ve slept in a long time. Thanks to Well Scent, I am in aromatherapy and essential oil heaven!

Valinda Edwards, Roanoke, VA.

Michael Berba

I love Energize! I use it in the Far Infrared Sauna…its incredible!!!

Michael Berba, Hollywood, CA.

Julia Strickler, ND

Well Scent products are a great resource for me personally and for my naturopathic clients. With the mindful blend of 100% organic ingredients, they are gentle enough for my most sensitive clients and potent enough to be effective. The Energize  blend brings nourishing and vitalizing energy to the adrenals. It has helped energize a handful of clients who were unable to tolerate many other therapeutic strategies. The formulation also provides an extra boost after long days and stressful situations when massaged over reflex points.

Plus, using the blends, you feel like you are doing something fun and indulgent for yourself.

All of the Well Scent products that I have tried and recommended create the experience of doing something luxurious, nourishing, and caring for the body and spirit. And the packaging is great!

Julia Strickler, ND

Austin, TX.


Your Watch your Mouth has actually helped my husband quite a bit. He started to have a lot of bleeding from his gums and hadn’t had a chance to go to the dentist so I had him start using Watch your Mouth. He was really eye rolling the whole time because unlike me he is only a partial believer in herbal and botanical remedies. Anyway… it worked wonders for him! YAY for Watch your Mouth!

Jackie S., China

Kristin S.

As an Acupuncturist, I use Release with my clients on a daily basis, they love it! When a client is congested and needs a face down treatment,  I place Release on or near their face and it opens the sinuses and allows them to breathe with ease so they can stay comfortably in the position I need them in for their session.  One client expressed that it “cleared the fog from her head”.

Kristin Sundberg, L.Ac., MAOM, RYT, Austin, TX.

Tasha Olson

I have been using Well Scent’s Watch Your Mouth as part of my Lyme protocol from The Sophia Health Institute. The ingredients are all natural and extremely good for oral and overall health because a healthy mouth equals a healthy body. I love the taste and always have fresh breath.

Tasha Olson

Dr. Julie Martin

Ninety percent of my patient population test strong for oral/ dental health support so there is a desperate need for healthy interventions. I appreciate that this line is sourced with care for the ingredients and environment. I routinely recommend WATCH YOUR MOUTH to my patients and use it myself.

Julie A. Martin, DC, Integrative Health Center, North Bend, OR.

Kim Mackey

In addition to chronic Lyme Disease, I also have a relatively rare form of leukemia.  Over the last couple of years I have struggled with periods of mouth sores, often more than one at a time which can be quite painful and slow to heal.  I have tried using salt water and over the counter medicated rinses in addition to a prescription wash from my oncologist to treat these sores.  They were effective to varying degrees, yet within weeks or a couple of months new sores would appear.  My holistic healthcare provider recommended that I try Watch Your Mouth by Well Scent.  I have been using three to four drops with a small amount of water as a mouthwash and gargle now daily for approximately five months and have had no sores at all!  I am thrilled!  Plus, I love the taste.  I am so grateful for this product.  Thank you so very much!

Kim M., Virginia

Jane Y.

I just received my package. Oh my gosh, everything smells so, so, sooooo good. Vibrant and lush without being overpowering. I’ve experimented with other lines over the years and so often I can stand the smell of them because they are just too much.
Jane Ypsilanti, MI.

Amy B.

I just received my Pause for Peace in the mail and I’m BEYOND IN LOVE. Working with people to help them transform the energy of emotional challenges, I know this is going to be so powerful. I can’t stop using mine; it smells so good and feels really good energetically too.

Amy B. Scher – Energy Therapy for Emotional Healing


My doctor used ART testing to see Balance would be helpful to me and it seems to agree with my system! I’m so excited that I get to use yet another one of Well Scents awesome products!
Valinda Edwards – Roanoke, VA.

Nancy R.

Pause for Peace tests REALLY well for me energetically. It’s a real lifesaver and now part of my night time ritual! I love your products and just sent a couple to my sister who just got diagnosed (contracted from a tick on a concrete patio in a major cosmopolitan patio – sheesh). Thank you Well Scent!

Nancy R., CA.

Dena St.

I just wanted to tell you that I love love love the Watch Your Mouth and Shine. I’m chemically sensitive and was worried about the EO’s as I don’t usually tolerate them very well but it’s not overpowering and my mouth and teeth feel so clean! I’ll definitely be buying more! I wish I had gotten the 15ml now but I was just too worried about reacting to the oils. I’ll be getting the 15ml next time. It makes me look forward to brushing my teeth!

Dena S.


Watch Your Mouth for Kids is great for my mouth because I could feel how much more refreshing it was than toothpaste. Also I highly recommend Watch for Mouth for Kids because it taste sooo much better than moms organic strawberry Tom’s toothpaste (ewwwwwwwww!!!!!). So anyways make sure to buy this really really good stuff

Fiona, age 10 


Watch Your Mouth for Kids is by far better tasting than any other health-food store toothpaste I’ve ever had. This Mom-approved formula along with the kid-approved taste unites to form the ultimate, unstoppable combination of tooth paste and mouthwash. I highly recommend this for Moms and their children alike.

Finny, age 12

Anne L.

My doctor at The Sophia Health Institute started me on Pause for Peace and I love the smell so much! It’s wonderful! My daughter saw me put this on at night before and she loves the smell. Now she asks me for a drop on her wrists every night before bed and falls asleep with her two wrists in front of her nose. She even asked me to have more this morning. I said that it was just for night time (otherwise she would want it all the time) and then she said with her big eyes: “please mama, I really really want just one little cutie drop on my wrist”. I also use Watch Your Mouth and I love it too!  I find that it works amazingly for dental bridges. I put a drop on my floss (special bridges floss) and this ensure that it stays clean. I no longer have bleeding gums since I do that! My husband is also now using Watch Your Mouth and he also likes it. Thanks so much for making these wonderful products!!!

Anne Longpre, Canada

Jennifer H.

Let me start off by saying I rarely gush and carry on about products, but with this line, I just can’t help it!  The owner of this company, Stacy, has gone above and beyond by finding safe, natural products for her line that actually work! Any of you that have tried to go natural will understand what I’m talking about. Natural normally means lacking. While chemical type products pack real results they also leave you with toxic chemicals (which if you researched you would never put it on your body, much less your face! )Well-Scent’s Glow is the first facial product I’ve ever been 100% satisfied with. I was a makeup artist for years and years and took courses which gave me an understanding on the science of skin so I’m a pretty tough critic.  I’ve tried various products that have either worked for one thing but caused an issue elsewhere or they just did nothing at all but drain my pocket. In general the only products I’ve seen that help with the skin’s tone, clarity, texture and hydration were chemical filled products. I recently tried to go more natural by using various different products all leaving me highly disappointed and with more problems than I started with. I met Stacy and checked out her website and I was highly impressed with her ingredients in Glow & Watch Your Mouth so I ordered both and then anxiously waited for my package to arrive. The products came in beautiful packaging and I could smell the heavenly oils as soon as I opened the box. I instantly ran to the bathroom with my new goodies and started lathering myself up with the skin products and then moved on to the dental. Instantly I knew I was going to be addicted. The oils in the skincare smelled amazing, glided on my skin but didn’t sit on the surface, they actually sank right in hydrating my skin. I woke up the next AM and my skin was smoother, it looked refreshed, hydrated and just plain amazing! I continued using the skin care and dental products and couldn’t believe what was happening in just a few days of starting this regimen. My skin on my face continued to improve day after day, it looked younger, and healthier. The most amazing thing was I had been experiencing bleeding gums for a few months and in just those first few days it completely stopped with the use of Watch Your Mouth! I wouldn’t have believed these things could change in just a few days if I hadn’t experienced it for myself. Watch Your Mouth not only proved to be crazy effective but it tasted amazing and left my breath fresher and my mouth felt amazingly clean. I’m 100% should on Well-Scent’s product line and would recommend their products to anyone and everyone. They’re affordable, beautifully packaged and they work!!

Jennifer H. Austin,TX.

Dr. Dashore

I am excited to offer your absolutely wonderful products to my patients. My experience from the samples you so generously sent has been great!

Dr. Jodie A. Dashore OTD, MS (Pediatric Neurology) Integrative Neuro-Sensory Associates

Beverly B.

I want to thank you so much for getting my order to me so quickly. I have to travel suddenly to be with an ill family member, and am very grateful to have the support of your Smile and Balance blends. I really, really, appreciate your work! I hope to be using your products for years to come.

You are most welcome to use that paragraph as a testimonial — it is heart felt.

Beverly B., Seattle

Kristina C.

I love the naturally sweet and refreshing taste of Watch Your Mouth combined with Shine Dental Powder. I have chronic Lyme and other infections and bad breath was one of my embarrassing symptoms. I muscle tested good for Watch Your Mouth and Shine with my doctor at Sophia Health Institute and started using them a few weeks ago. Both leave my mouth with a fresh, clean taste and my husband affirmed that my breath smells nice now. Thank you for these incredible products.

Kristina C., Nashville

Corey G.

After returning from a weekend trip, my tooth began hurting. It didn’t feel like a cavity, but rather something in the root of the tooth. The pain radiated from my upper, back tooth all the way through my jaw to the upper, front teeth. I went to the dentist and found that I had pulpitis. She prescribed pain medication, an antibiotic and steroids, and told me that if the pain does not subside after the prescriptions were finished, my tooth may have to be removed. The medication helped, but the pain returned soon after I was finished. A customer of ours, Stacy, had dropped off a sample of Watch Your Mouth, a combination of oils that are helpful for gum health and killing bacteria in the mouth. I decided to mix it in with sesame oil and almost instantly I felt relief. I thought it was too good to be true, but sure enough, I felt relief again when I applied the oil directly to my tooth and gums several hours later after the pain started again. When all was said and done, my tooth was saved! I continue to use “Watch Your Mouth”, and will continue to do so. Thank you, Stacy, for saving my tooth and keeping my mouth happy and healthy!!

– Corey G.

Tifphanie Turner

Stacy has put a lot of thought and love into her essential oil blends. As a massage therapist, I use Release Lymphatic and Sinus with my clients for help with congestion and allergies. It works well and everyone loves it. Personally, I use Glow– Radiant Serum for bath and body. The oils are extremely hydrating and the scent is relaxing and rejuvenating at the same time. The whole product line is functional, healthful and fun. Stacy is awesome.

Tifphanie Turner, LMT (Cranial Sacral Therapy and Reiki), Austin, TX.

Leslie W

Stacy’s Watch Your Mouth is now a staple in my dental care. It makes so much sense to get these natural antibacterial oils delivered deep down into the gums via flossing where they are needed most! I use this before bed so that the essential oils have all night to work & the taste is pleasant & refreshing. The small bottle will last a very long time.

Leslie W., San Antonio, TX.


I have only used one dose of Energize and I already feel so much more relaxed. Usually I am really snappy and quick to anger, and I have felt so much more calm. I also feel clear headed and have had moments of clarity that I haven’t had in a really long time. I can’t wait to see what else it can do for me, and to try other formulas. Thanks!