Well-Scent Consumer Questions and Answers

Are essential oils FDA approved?

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not “approve” dietary supplements or foods. They give approval for prescription and over the counter drugs. They do approve a list of ingredients called GRAS (generally recognized as safe). Essential oils typically fall under this category.

Does Well Scent test individual batches?

Our single oils, which are the foundation of our line, have already been tested (GC/MS). Our blends are regularly tested by many practitioners, including doctors (M.D., N.D., D.D.S.). Over 75% of our blends are ordered by these offices and many of those offices use A.R.T.(Autonomic Response Testing) to independently assess energetically the appropriateness of these blends for each patient at each and every office visit. Many of these doctors are also our best customers and continue to “test” our blends. Finally, Stacy (CEO and Founder) tests all of the blends as well.

Are there any essential oils that should be avoided during pregnancy?

Essential oils that are contraindicated during pregnancy should be avoided throughout pregnancy and not just during the first semester. According to “Essential Oil Safety” by Robert Tissearnd and Rodney Young, essential oils that are contraindicated during pregnancy and lactation are: Anise, Birch, Black Seed, Buchu, Carrot Seed, Cassia, Cinnamon Bark, Chaste Tree, Cypress, Fennel, Dill, Feverfew, Ho Leaf, Hyssop, Lanyana, Spanish Lavender, Mugwort, Myrrh, Myrtle, Oregano, Parsley Leaf, Parsleyseed, Pennyroyal, Rue, Sage (Dalmatian and Spanish), Savin, Tansy, Thuja, Western Red Cedar, Wintergreen, Wormwood (all types) and Yarrow.

Are these formulas specifically made to treat/help Lyme disease?

I created many of these blends to support my own healing from Late Stage Lyme disease. Well Scent is supported by many Lyme-Literate Physicians and wellness practitioners. Many of these blends are now routinely written into patient protocols nationwide for Lyme and other complex and/ or chronic health challenges.

I do not know anyone that essential oils to the exclusion of other treatment modalities, but they can certainly be a powerful adjunct in your healing.

Can any of your blends help in protecting yourself from the flu?

Yes! Essential oils are a great support during winter and “flu season”. Not only do they have antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties, but they also boost the immune system and support detoxification of the body. For flu prevention, we recommend blends with Vetiver and Frankincense as they are potent immune boosters. The Well Scent blend “Balance” is most often recommended by practitioners for immune support and “Protect” was created specifically for flu season prevention and it also can support treatment too.

Do you have suggestions for those who are just getting into essential oils?

Welcome to the Essential Oil Fan Club! First, do not assume you have really experienced essential oils until you have looked beyond what is conventionally and readily available. Second, if you can order samples, it is a great way to become acquainted with a line. Third, find ways to replace things you are already using so that it is easy. For example, replace your perfume with an aromatherapy blend like Smile. Replace your cleaners by researching non-toxic options (we like to use Chill Out with water and a little bit of vinegar in a spray bottle.) Replace Vicks Vapor Rub with GoGo Detox and Sinus Support. These are simple ways to incorporate essential oils into your lifestyle!

Do you sell oils for treating Candida?

We do have two oils that are great for beating the yeast! Primarily, our Mold Plus blend is a go-to for any kind of fungal issue. Our Renew blend is also a fantastic overall antifungal and systemic immune support.

For products that are not totally organic (such as Over the Moon), is it correct that the product(s) containing absolutes are petrochemical-free?

In preparing the absolutes, hexane is used in the first step which removes all the extractable waxes, volatile oil, pigments etc from the botanical being extracted. Then the concrete is washed in ethanol, chilled to precipitate out the alcohol soluble waxes), filtered and vacuum distilled to remove the ethanol which leaves the concentrated absolute. In the concentrated absolute it is possible that a tiny fraction of hexane remains which would be in parts 100,000 or less. (Source, Christopher McMahon, White Lotus)

Hello! I have Lyme disease with the co-infection of Babesia. Do any of your oils work on Babesia?

We’re so happy that you found Well Scent, and that you are considering alternative treatments for Babesia and tickbourne co-infections. Our blends are designed to support the immune system rather than suppress it, so you’ve come to the right place! Because Babesia acts as a parasite, anti-parasitic essential oils can be effective. The essential oil most regarded for its anti-parasitic properties is Oregano, which is why our “Balance” blend is widely used by our Lyme practitioners in patients with Lyme, co-infections and chronic pathogens: https://well-scent.com/product/balance-antimicrobial/ in addition to “Balance”, it’s important to support the liver while on antimicrobials, especially while treating Babesia and/or parasitic infections. So we also recommend our “LiverRx” blend from our new Well Prescript line: https://well-scent.com/product/liver-rx/

How are essential oils tested or evaluated?

  •  Mass Spectrometry and Gas Spectrometry (See HERE
  •  GMP Certification – Good Manufacturing Practices (Voluntary)
  •  Third- party testing

Typically, supplier and large end users will test their essential oils. All of the suppliers for Well Scent individually test all of their essential oils. We work solely with third parties that guarantee this testing will occur.

How do I know if the oil I have purchased is pure?

We maintain that knowing the producer is the best safeguard against adulteration. While we also analyze our essential oils by GC/MS, we do know that analysis alone has not kept adulterated oils out of aromatherapy. To the contrary, analysis hype is often used to sell cleverly adulterated oils. 

-Kurt Schnaubelt, Ph.D. (Author of several aromatherapy books, Educator, Chemist, Founder of Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy)

How do you achieve your own unique synergistic blends?

It is almost always a combination of a few items. I have to first anticipate a need that is not being met. Second, I spend a lot of time researching all of the oils that might be appropriate to support this need. Third, I work intuitively to choose the oils I want to work with, looking always for the blend to feel “balanced”. Fourth, I try various combinations over a course of at least a few weeks, until I am ready to let practitioners and others test the blend for me. It can take, in its entirety, weeks to months!

How do you test your blends?

I personally test them myself but I also put the blends into the hands of many others to try first before listing on the website. I always have a practitioner or doctor test it as well. If the feedback is universally positive, I will offer it on the website!

How long does a 5 ml bottle of Watch Your Mouth last, as well as your tooth powder Shine?

A 5 ml bottle of Watch Your Mouth contains about 85 drops so it depends on how many drops you are using per day, but we find that when used together, both last a little over 2 months. Essential oils are a great and cost-effective addition to any “medicine cabinet” not only because they are natural remedies, but also because a little bit goes a long way!

I caught the flu, and I’m looking for remedies that I can use for symptom relief. Do you have anything for sinus drainage, chest tightness and a dry cough?

Yes! We have two blends for lung and sinus support- we have Go Go Detox and Sinus, which can be used in place of synthetic vapor rubs like Vick’s, and we have our new Breathe blend that supports the lungs and encourages deeper breathing. We also recommend supporting your immune system in overcoming the infection by including an antimicrobial blend like “Balance”. You can place a drop of any of these blends on your sternum before bed.

I had a question about your acne relief blend….(more)

I have yet to find something that truly fights the skin issues I have. I’ve tried every cream, wash, you name it, on the market. I also tried tea tree oil but it burned my skin, even diluted (yikes). Because my body is in such disarray I’m not sure if anything can actually work on my skin because my organs are constantly detoxing and are so badly damaged due to my Lyme Disease (kidneys, liver, digestion, adrenals etc.) I’m just wondering if you’ve spoken to individuals who have used the Acne Relief and have had similar issues, and it has worked for them.


My heart goes out to you. When I first began detoxing after antimicrobial treatment for Lyme, my skin was a mess too. As I reflect on that period of time, I actually view what my skin was doing as a positive thing because it was a sign that my body was ready to heal. Acne, blemishes, rashes and skin manifestations of toxicity are often a sign that your body is attempting to release its toxic burden. With patience and a whole lot of detoxifying personal care, I entirely believe that you can restore the vitality of both your skin and your organs. I’d like to encourage you to believe that your organs are not damaged as well- they’re just burdened, and this is a toxic burden that you can release. Once you undergo that process, your organs, your immune system and your body will begin to have the space and the strength to begin to thrive once again.

For me, it wasn’t just topical products alone that restored my clear skin. Organic/natural topicals certainly helped, but it was the internal work that worked wonders as well. Are you working with a naturopath? I would recommend speaking to him/her about homeopathic drainage remedies to support lymphatic detoxification, kidney and liver drainage, and perhaps try something to flush your system like colon hydrotherapy. Diet is also incredibly important- I would look at what you are consuming and ask yourself if it is contributing to your body’s toxic load. Are you consistently gluten free, dairy free, soy free, refined sugar free, pesticide free, additive free, guar gum/carigeenan free?Are your personal care products are 100% natural?

In addition to lifestyle and protocol changes, our Acne blend can certainly help support the clearing of your skin! While the pure Lavender oil helps reduce redness and inflammation, the Rosemary acts as an antimicrobial to clear pores. The tea tree oil is clarifying as well, and acts as prevention for further development of blemishes.

I received Balance last week and have been using it externally on my neck, on the lymph nodes, and under my nose. I tried 1 drop in 4 oz of water today and it instantly made my stomach turn. How do you like to use it?

It would me to guide you a little more if I knew what you were treating. If it is to provide general antimicrobial support, I would do exactly as you are doing. I also recommend applying Balance or Renew where there is pain the body, particularly if there is Lyme present.

Additionally, the feedback around your gut reaction is not necessarily a bad or unusual one. Some doctors and practitioners would actually say it might be a normal response when there is a bacterial/ viral/ fungal/ parasitic imbalance. Having said this, I would recommend you speak to your practitioner or doctor for guidance. You might try internal use of either Balance or Renew a few different ways to see if it improves your reaction: 1) Add 1-2 drops directly to a capsule, 2) Add 1-2 drops to a teaspoon of olive or coconut oil, 3) Alternate each of the aforementioned methods on an empty stomach and also with a meal to see which is better tolerated.

You can safely work up to two drops, three times a day. Again, you may consult your own practitioner here as well for support.

By the way, I love the different ways you are already using Balance!

I was just diagnosed with Lyme/Micoplasma/Candida and have been a long sufferer of Crohns. I was wondering what oils were best for me?

We do hope that you are progressing as well as possible with your new diagnosis, and we would love to be a support to you on your journey to wellness. We actually have a brand new line called “Well-Prescript”, in addition to our Lyme-specific blends, and I’m thinking that a combination of both of those lines would be a great support to you in your treatment.

Detoxification is a crucial part of treatment for chronic infections. For detox while on antimicrobials, we recommend our LiverRx: https://well-scent.com/product/liver-rx/ and for lymphatic detox our Go-Go blend: https://well-scent.com/product-category/health/

For antimicrobials, we have our Lyme-specific “Balance” and “Renew” blends. Balance is a favorite among Lyme practitioners, but “Renew” may actually be a better option for you because it is highly anti-fungal (Candida) and could possibly be effective against Mycoplasma: https://well-scent.com/product/renew-antimicrobial/

Is it advisable to use both Balance and Renew at the same time, or would that be too many essential oils at one time?

I would probably do one or the other, or rotate the two. If using topically, you may be fine using both at the same time, but I would still recommend starting slow.

Our Work Environment

The Well Scent “home” was built in the last two years. Measures were taken to avoid toxicity in this new environment by choosing non-toxic paint and using untreated wood throughout. We mitigate against EMF/RF by avoiding Smart Meter technology, installing Stetzer filters and hardwiring for the internet in order to avoid WiFi. We also use Faraday bags to further protect many of our oils.

At every step in this process, we care for the storage and manufacturing of these oils because we believe on an absolute cellular level that the energetics of an oil or blend is a direct result of these things.

We believe in transparency and trust our customers and venders to share with us along the way their thoughts so that we can continue to learn and grow. Please contact us if you have any comments, questions or feedback; we love hearing from customers!

Should I expect any sort of Herx if I use Balance or Renew?

I have personally experienced a Herxheimer reaction to all sorts of things that are purportedly gentle so I always advise people to start slow. I know people that prefer to only use a drop of an essential oil on the soles of their feet before bedtime and others that can take 5-10 drops internally three times a day.

The blends I have created for Well Scent (and the Lyme population) are generally very well tolerated because they are uniquely balancing. While many of them are antimicrobial in nature. they are also beneficial in so many other ways too. For example, we include oils that support organ health, circulation, lymphatic drainage and the immune system. This helps to lessen some of the typical Herxhemier reactions but, again, I would still advise you start slow.

Storing and handling

Essential oils are very volatile and evaporate quickly if exposed to air. Exposure to sunlight and heat can alter the properties of essential oils. Always keep your essential oils in a cool, dry place away from sunlight or heat. Never leave the bottles uncapped for more than a minute or so. Most essential oils will remain fresh for one year or longer with proper care and storage.

Testing individual batches

There is no way for a consumer to know that this is actually occurring even if a company offers that it is part of their internal process for quality control. Testing individual batches is an expensive undertaking and time consuming.

What distinguishes your blends from Young Living? What makes these formulas different from other brands like doTerra

We posted our answer to a blog page here: WHAT MAKES WELL SCENT SPECIAL

What is it that makes your products ideal for people suffering with Lyme Disease? I know you mentioned to me that they are holistic and address the root cause, not just the symptoms. Could expand on that?

Thank you for the opportunity to answer this question. There are four main reasons why my products are ideal for this patient population.

Allopathic and even many holistic treatment models focus solely on the pathogen, the microbe, the fungus, the infection, etc., The blends I am creating, on the other hand, are still antimicrobial in nature but they are also balanced with other oils that support the many other, and some would posit equally important, factors contributing to complex or chronic illnesses. For example, we include oils that support lymphatic drainage and circulation (important for detoxification), organ health (can be compromised in this patient population), emotional health (oils that balance the autonomic nervous system, for example) and immune health. Having blends on the market that are really balanced in this way is unique, the physicians we work with agree. That would be the first distinction I would make.

The second reason our products are important for this patient population is a little more technical but it is really important. An exceptionally unique advantage to using essential oils relates to how they interact with biofilms (a way that bacteria hides). Using essential oils breaks up these biofilm communities so that the bacteria are exposed. It allows for people to more successfully treat the infections, whether the infections is local (as in a dental infection or with halitosis) or a systemic infection (such as with reactivated viruses, Lyme, etc.,).

Adding to that, some of our blends were developed as a result of direct communication I shared with doctor’s treating Lyme Disease. One doctor gave me notes from a training he had attended on oils that were helpful with Lyme Disease. I used that education to create two blends that are not routinely written into patient protocols (Balance and Renew).

The fourth and last distinction I would make is that my products have been written into hundreds of patient protocols by some of the nation’s leading and most esteemed Lyme-Literate physicians. Many of these doctors are also customers of mine. They have seen the benefit in their patient population and have been extremely impressed with the blends, notably the dental line, as well as a few others that are well suited to everyone, but particularly those with Lyme and other complex or chronic health challenges.

Thank you for your inquiry!


What is the difference between ‘Certified Organic’ & other types of oils?

  • Certified Organic – Certified organic by such organizations as Ecocert or AB Demeter
  • Demeter – Grown and processed according to the DEMETER organization for organic farming
  • Wild (also called “Wild-harvested” or “Wild-crafted) – Gathered in the wild

All of the single oils and proprietary blends that Well Scent offers are 100% Organic and Wild-Harvested. Many of those oils are even certified organic through EcoCert.


What oils you would recommend for supporting a child and adult who are fighting Lyme disease? We also all have the MTHFR gene mutation.

We have a Lyme-specific line that includes two antimicrobial and immune supportive oils called “Balance” and “Renew”. They are currently being used by Lyme practitioners across the country. We also have a brand new line called “Well Prescript”, which includes a blend that we call “LiverRx”. We’d recommend this blend for anyone on treatment who has difficulty detoxing, especially with the MTHFR gene. : https://well-scent.com/product/liver-rx/

What’s the difference between Watch your Mouth and Just for Grins?

Our Just for Grins blend was formulated without peppermint, for those who are on homeopathic treatment. (Peppermint deactivates homeopathic remedies). Some people like Just for Grins though simply because they prefer different oils. It is the favorite of Well Scent Founder, Stacy Shuman. But if you want to learn more about the therapeutic value of each blend, please read the post on our blog HERE.

Which of your blends are good for fatigue and for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

We like to refer to a holistic model when considering fatigue. In this way, I think about balance more generally, in relationship to lifestyle (stress, sleep, spiritual practice, friends, community, etc.) and then look for any environmental or physical stressors (EMF and mold exposure, infections, food intolerances, etc.). You can of course use tools such as aromatherapy to support your body, such as Pause for Peace for relaxation and Chill Out to support your adrenals (this could improve your energy as well), and other blends to support emotional and physical balance. I would recommend working with a holistic doctor or practitioner to look for the root cause of the fatigue. Fortunately, most holistic doctors tend also support plant-based medicine and aromatherapy!

I struggle with Lyme and Babesia, and I was wondering if you can recommend oils that will help in my protocol. After 18 months of antibiotics, I have become resistant to them, very toxic, and have developed a case of Strep. Do you have any oils that might help with that?

As an alternative to antibiotics, so much hope lays in holistic treatments. We have a line specifically intended for Lyme- those two blends would be our “Balance” and “Renew” blends. We also highly recommend taking detox support while on either one of these though, so we would recommend starting with Release and/or Rejuvenate to detox both the lymphatic system and the liver. This is especially helpful after a course of antibiotics.

Our Balance blend also addresses bacterial infections (including Strep), and Renew addresses any yeast or fungal issues that may have arisen due to long term antibiotic treatment. You can alternate your use of Balance and Renew, but Rejuvenate and Release can be used at the same time (Release is great in Epsom Salt and Baking Soda detox baths, and Rejuvenate can be used on the abdomen or dropped into the belly button).

-Candice, Social Media Manager

I’m currently dealing with anxiety and depression brought about by complicated grief. My anxiety is causing an inability to sleep, with some paranoia and uncontrollable fear. I want to shift my behavior and transform this fear into love. I also have Fibromyalgia – not unsurprisingly! Do you have any products which may help in these difficult times?

As women who are moving through journeys with chronic illness, our hearts go out to you as you move through your own heart-tugging challenges and transformation. We’re holding space for brighter days for you, and for peace. We typically recommend our Pause for Peace blend for depression and sleeplessness, and Smile for anxiety.

Pause for Peace contains Sandalwood which will help you ground and release the emotions that no longer serve you, and Smile will open up your heart to welcome in love and joy.

Our Breathe blend also helps if you’re having panic attacks with difficulty breathing, as Frankincense encourages lung expansion and grounded, deep breathing. It sounds like your anxiety is manifesting in a more chronic, neurological way so the combination of Pause for Peace and Smile might provide you the synergistic relief that you need (and deserve!).

As for your Fibromyalgia, we have customers with Fibro finding relief from our Relieve blend. It acts as a natural pain relief serum, much like synthetic “Icy Hot”. We hope that you find physical, emotional and spiritual peace very soon!

Which blends are best for Multiple Sclerosis? Also, my daughter battles Depression and Anxiety….which are good for those conditions?

We recommend anything that supports neurotransmitters for both multiple sclerosis AND depression/anxiety. But for depression and anxiety, we recommend Smile and Pause for Peace. Smile is great for anxious moments as it stabilizes neurotransmitters, and Pause for Peace is supportive to Serotonin balance in times of sadness and grief. We also recommend Breathe if your daughter has panic attacks, as it encourages the expansion of the lungs and clearing of the mind.

For you and your journey with multiple sclerosis, we would approach neurotransmitter support a little differently. We would recommend our Wellscript “Headache” blend for any symptoms like headache, head pain, brain fog, etc. and then we would recommend Over The Moon for clarity and neurotransmitter balance, as well as either Balance or Renew for any underlying neuro-immune or neuro-endocrine imbalances that may be contributing to your multiple sclerosis.

Do you have any for postpartum moms? My sister is really into essential oils too and getting ready to have her baby soon.

We actually recommend our Energize blend for new moms because they really need the adrenal support, especially with those long nights! A couple of dabs in the morning on the lower back really helps: https://well-scent.com/product/energize/

We also recommend either Pause for Peace or Over The Moon at night too, to rebalance hormones and neurotransmitters, which can often be a little wonky postpartum!: https://well-scent.com/product-category/emotional-support/

Which is the best blend for sinus infections? My intuition tells me Balance.

Kudos for using your intuition! Balance is indeed wonderful for colds and the flu, but we created Release specifically for draining/detoxing the sinuses.

Together though, they create a potent remedy for a sinus infection since Balance provides the immune system support to overcome the bacteria and/or virus, and Release provides the support needed to drain it from the lymphatic system and mucus membranes while also easing acute symptoms. Feel better soon!

Which oils should I use for seasonal mold issues and allergies?

We have a blend called “Mold Plus” that is great for diffusing in environments that have mold issues, but it’s also great for immune support and addressing internal fungal issues that often lay beneath mold sensitivity (you can do a few drops in your belly button!).

We also have a Histamine blend that works for mitigating symptoms of environmental/seasonal allergies, and a blend called Breathe for general allergies, asthma, and breathing challenges. Our Mold Plus and Histamine blend can be found in our Wellscript condition-focused line, and our Breathe blend can be found in our Health and Wellness line.

-Candice, Social Media Manager


12 Reason to Love Us



Thank you for sharing with us your love of plant medicine and aromatherapy!

Ryde for LymeThank you for being the lead sponsor for the 2015 annual Ryde for Lyme. We appreciate Well Scent’s ongoing support of the LymeLight Foundation and the community in general.
Nancy Rollett · Co-Executive Director · LymeLight Foundation


ws_findhopeI have been a patient of the Sophia Health Institute and a Well Scent customer for over a year and a half. The products from Well Scent continue to be a major component of my health protocol moving me towards better health. I continue to be impressed with the quality and effectiveness of their products. I am, however, even more amazed with the heart and soul that has gone into the creation of this company and their products. Stacy has always extended such kindness, generosity and interest in helping all of her customers. When Stacy saw that I was organizing a fundraiser for two close friends suffering from Chronic Lyme disease, she very generously offered a $200 gift certificate for our auction. Along with Brad and Christina, the beneficiaries of the fundraiser, I am so grateful for the incredible generosity of Stacy and Well Scent for giving back to the community of people suffering with chronic illness through her donation. Thank you Stacy and Well Scent! Warm regards, Mary Ellen Hamilton

unnamedI cannot thank Well Scent enough!  When I hosted fundraisers to help pay for my son’s treatment, Well Scent made donations for our silent auction.  Not only did they send me these donations to help raise money, they sent additional products for me to use for Zachary and his sister Zoie. Zach’s Lyme Disease has truly taken its toll  on his sister, we appreciate that Stacy thought of Zoie too! The information and the support that Well Scent provides to us truly is invaluable.  The products are amazing and I recommend them to everyone. Tonya Mostow

10511096_10152191666536761_5601475660460350033_n Oh wow, Stacy – I’m touched!! Thank you for supporting my fundraising for Ryde for Lyme. We’ll be sure to take pictures to share the fun with you! Nancy Rollett · Co-Executive Director · LymeLight Foundation

scott Stacy, I wanted to thank you for supporting me in Ryde for Lyme. The work LymeLight Foundation is doing is powerful, and it is thanks to people like you that we are able to do it. It means the world, and I thank you for your ongoing support! With gratitude, Scott Forsgren ·Founder · BetterHealthGuy

10517485_10152512930032528_6021821691121577853_n Stacy, A big shout out “thank you” for your support of Ryder For Lyme! We had over 50 riders and raised over $80,000 for grants to children with Lyme! We really appreciate your support! Scott Bedford · Chairman of the Board · LymeLight · Ryde for Lyme

10634366_10204668480453976_2052865260_nI would like to give Well Scent and it’s owner Stacy a big thank you. Things have been so difficult for me the past few years with my husband and I trying to raise the money for my Lyme disease treatment in Seattle Washington. Flying across the country is not cheap and insurance does not cover this treatment. We have to put extra wants and needs on the back burner for the sake of my health. I love Well Scents products. They are so essential to my healing. Not being able afford them all the time is a bummer. Stacy and her wonderful company have made it possible for me by donating to fundraisers held for me When my Well Scent products come in he mail it’s like Christmas. I love all the wonderful scents and the new products that Stacy lets me try. Such a wonderful company that always gives back! Love you Well Scent. Valinda Edwards and her pup Willow

Stacy, On behalf of The Charles E. Holman Morgellons Disease Foundation, we want to thank you for your sponsorship of our recent medical conference in Austin, TX. We are a young organization, but hope to make a powerful impact on the medical community on behalf of thousands of people who have this unknown disease. You were a part of making that happen. Thank you again for your support and may God bless you. Denise James · Treasurer · The Charles E. Holman Morgellons Disease Foundation

IMG_0865-3437334161-OTable Back (3) Hello Stacy, Thank you for again for sponsoring LymeLight Foundation’s second Annual Ryde for Lyme. We had a wonderful day! We had 54 ryders (and 3 virtual ryders).  Each LymeLight ryder brought enthusiasm and excitement to the event.  Our bright LymeLight jerseys unified our team. Many Marin Century riders commented on the cohesiveness and spirit of the LymeLight team and were drawn to our Lyme Awareness tent at the end of the ride. We had a terrific group of Sponsors this year. Please see the attached photos featuring your company’s logo on the jersey.  We hope this provides Well Scent with increased visibility and exposure.  Thank you also again for the wonderful basket of Well Scent products!  As pictures show, the basket was part of the drawing at our post-ryde Lyme Awareness tent.  The drawing created a lot of excitement and drew other riders to our tent.  It was wonderful to have the opportunity to educate others about Lyme disease. Ryde for Lyme 2014 raised over  $77,000 (net) surpassing our fundraising goal!  This money will fund treatment grants for children and young adults afflicted with Lyme disease.  Our LymeLight Foundation Board will be awarding treatment grants at the end of August. Thank you again for your support. We hope to have you join us for Ryde for Lyme 2015 again as a sponsor and/or ryder . We hope to double our rydership next year on August 1st. Be sure to check out our Facebook posts with photos from the event! Thank you again for your support! We truly appreciate you partnering with us. You have provided HOPE in the life of a sick child. With much appreciation, Phyllis Bedford · Co-Executive Director · LymeLight Foundation

Thank you for being at the CEHMDF Conference in March. Because of that, and because I loved the sample you gave out, I recently placed an order. I truly appreciate the support Well Scent gives to those with Morgellons and Lyme and look forward to learning more about using your oils therapeutically. As you no doubt know, Morgellons causes severe dermal issues and I hope that you continue to keep this in mind as you develop new products. All the best, Cherie R.