I have yet to find something that truly fights the skin issues I have. I’ve tried every cream, wash, you name it, on the market. I also tried tea tree oil but it burned my skin, even diluted (yikes). Because my body is in such disarray I’m not sure if anything can actually work on my skin because my organs are constantly detoxing and are so badly damaged due to my Lyme Disease (kidneys, liver, digestion, adrenals etc.) I’m just wondering if you’ve spoken to individuals who have used the Acne Relief and have had similar issues, and it has worked for them.


My heart goes out to you. When I first began detoxing after antimicrobial treatment for Lyme, my skin was a mess too. As I reflect on that period of time, I actually view what my skin was doing as a positive thing because it was a sign that my body was ready to heal. Acne, blemishes, rashes and skin manifestations of toxicity are often a sign that your body is attempting to release its toxic burden. With patience and a whole lot of detoxifying personal care, I entirely believe that you can restore the vitality of both your skin and your organs. I’d like to encourage you to believe that your organs are not damaged as well- they’re just burdened, and this is a toxic burden that you can release. Once you undergo that process, your organs, your immune system and your body will begin to have the space and the strength to begin to thrive once again.

For me, it wasn’t just topical products alone that restored my clear skin. Organic/natural topicals certainly helped, but it was the internal work that worked wonders as well. Are you working with a naturopath? I would recommend speaking to him/her about homeopathic drainage remedies to support lymphatic detoxification, kidney and liver drainage, and perhaps try something to flush your system like colon hydrotherapy. Diet is also incredibly important- I would look at what you are consuming and ask yourself if it is contributing to your body’s toxic load. Are you consistently gluten free, dairy free, soy free, refined sugar free, pesticide free, additive free, guar gum/carigeenan free?Are your personal care products are 100% natural?

In addition to lifestyle and protocol changes, our Acne blend can certainly help support the clearing of your skin! While the pure Lavender oil helps reduce redness and inflammation, the Rosemary acts as an antimicrobial to clear pores. The tea tree oil is clarifying as well, and acts as prevention for further development of blemishes.