It would me to guide you a little more if I knew what you were treating. If it is to provide general antimicrobial support, I would do exactly as you are doing. I also recommend applying Balance or Renew where there is pain the body, particularly if there is Lyme present.

Additionally, the feedback around your gut reaction is not necessarily a bad or unusual one. Some doctors and practitioners would actually say it might be a normal response when there is a bacterial/ viral/ fungal/ parasitic imbalance. Having said this, I would recommend you speak to your practitioner or doctor for guidance. You might try internal use of either Balance or Renew a few different ways to see if it improves your reaction: 1) Add 1-2 drops directly to a capsule, 2) Add 1-2 drops to a teaspoon of olive or coconut oil, 3) Alternate each of the aforementioned methods on an empty stomach and also with a meal to see which is better tolerated.

You can safely work up to two drops, three times a day. Again, you may consult your own practitioner here as well for support.

By the way, I love the different ways you are already using Balance!