As an alternative to antibiotics, so much hope lays in holistic treatments. We have a line specifically intended for Lyme- those two blends would be our “Balance” and “Renew” blends. We also highly recommend taking detox support while on either one of these though, so we would recommend starting with Release and/or Rejuvenate to detox both the lymphatic system and the liver. This is especially helpful after a course of antibiotics.

Our Balance blend also addresses bacterial infections (including Strep), and Renew addresses any yeast or fungal issues that may have arisen due to long term antibiotic treatment. You can alternate your use of Balance and Renew, but Rejuvenate and Release can be used at the same time (Release is great in Epsom Salt and Baking Soda detox baths, and Rejuvenate can be used on the abdomen or dropped into the belly button).

-Candice, Social Media Manager