Thank you for the opportunity to answer this question. There are four main reasons why my products are ideal for this patient population.

Allopathic and even many holistic treatment models focus solely on the pathogen, the microbe, the fungus, the infection, etc., The blends I am creating, on the other hand, are still antimicrobial in nature but they are also balanced with other oils that support the many other, and some would posit equally important, factors contributing to complex or chronic illnesses. For example, we include oils that support lymphatic drainage and circulation (important for detoxification), organ health (can be compromised in this patient population), emotional health (oils that balance the autonomic nervous system, for example) and immune health. Having blends on the market that are really balanced in this way is unique, the physicians we work with agree. That would be the first distinction I would make.

The second reason our products are important for this patient population is a little more technical but it is really important. An exceptionally unique advantage to using essential oils relates to how they interact with biofilms (a way that bacteria hides). Using essential oils breaks up these biofilm communities so that the bacteria are exposed. It allows for people to more successfully treat the infections, whether the infections is local (as in a dental infection or with halitosis) or a systemic infection (such as with reactivated viruses, Lyme, etc.,).

Adding to that, some of our blends were developed as a result of direct communication I shared with doctor’s treating Lyme Disease. One doctor gave me notes from a training he had attended on oils that were helpful with Lyme Disease. I used that education to create two blends that are not routinely written into patient protocols (Balance and Renew).

The fourth and last distinction I would make is that my products have been written into hundreds of patient protocols by some of the nation’s leading and most esteemed Lyme-Literate physicians. Many of these doctors are also customers of mine. They have seen the benefit in their patient population and have been extremely impressed with the blends, notably the dental line, as well as a few others that are well suited to everyone, but particularly those with Lyme and other complex or chronic health challenges.

Thank you for your inquiry!