We recommend anything that supports neurotransmitters for both multiple sclerosis AND depression/anxiety. But for depression and anxiety, we recommend Smile and Pause for Peace. Smile is great for anxious moments as it stabilizes neurotransmitters, and Pause for Peace is supportive to Serotonin balance in times of sadness and grief. We also recommend Breathe if your daughter has panic attacks, as it encourages the expansion of the lungs and clearing of the mind.

For you and your journey with multiple sclerosis, we would approach neurotransmitter support a little differently. We would recommend our Wellscript “Headache” blend for any symptoms like headache, head pain, brain fog, etc. and then we would recommend Over The Moon for clarity and neurotransmitter balance, as well as either Balance or Renew for any underlying neuro-immune or neuro-endocrine imbalances that may be contributing to your multiple sclerosis.