We love that Free People’s bloggers advocate for natural household products and chemical-free fragrance. We enjoyed their recent post, “5 Natural Air Fresheners for Spring” and recommend you take a look too!

Did you know that when the NRDC (Natural Resources Defense Council) tested 14 different conventional, synthetic “air fresheners”, 12 out of 14 contained carcinogens and phthalates- known endocrine disrupters, neurotoxins and cancer-causing agents. All 14 contained at least one other mind-boggling toxic ingredient, such as butane (lighter fluid!), liquified petroleum gas, propane or formaldehyde. And to think people are plugging these in to “freshen” up the air in their home. Ick.

The Free People blog has a few great suggestions on delicious-smelling natural ways to fragrance your home, but we have some simpler solutions – essential oils!

  • To bring a tropical and summery aroma into your home, much like Free People’s recipe for a Coconut and Lime fragrance, invest in an essential oil diffuser and choose a floral blend with some Geranium or Rose, and add Sandalwood and a citrus oil (like Sweet Orange or Grapefruit) for a tropical feel. Diffusing essential oils is just as easy as plugging in a toxic glade plug-in, but is far healthier for the home and its inhabitants! Rather than exposing your family to neurotoxins that can lead to migraines, vertigo, depression and anxiety, you’ll be exposing them to ancient remedies for mood elevation and relaxation.
  • The Free People blog is right, house plants are excellent for improving indoor air quality! But to assure that your plants and their damp soil begin to grow mold, spritz them a few times per week with an essential oil blend that contains either cinnamon, clove or lavender oil. These anti-fungal oils will assure that your plants stay mold-free, and continue to improve the air quality in your home.
  • We absolutely love Free People’s recipe for natural dried flower potpourri! We definitely appreciate the exclusion of synthetic fragrance and inclusion of essential oils and healing stones. We recommend a blend with Lotus Blossom and Rose, like our “Over The Moon” blend, for a soft and feminine fragrance.
  • We also love Free People’s coffee ground trick! After just moving into a rental and making it your home, setting out coffee grounds is a great aid in removing lingering aromas from construction or the last tenant. Add a few drops of Cinnamon, Clove or Sweet Orange oil for an added inviting fragrance and a boost in air clarifying potential.

Thanks again, Free People, for supporting a chemical-free lifestyle and a healthy home!

 Candice, Well Scent Social Media Manager

Words, Well Scent

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