I will share more in detail at a later time after I have had time to be home and recoup.

On my first day of treatment, there were three other patients in the small four-bed wing. I went with a new friend, Regina Weichert, who is the founder for LymeNation. (She has an amazing voice for the Lyme community!) Regina has been working with a Lyme-literate practice for 4 years. It has been only 18 months for me.

We each experienced this therapy very differently but both felt strongly on an intuitive level about the work. There were certain things that happened for me during this process that were very confirming. During treatment, my body revisited old traumas. I had an intensification of nearly every symptom I had experienced in the previous year. I also experienced powerful emotional releases after the treatment that lasted for hours.

Dr. Straube and the staff at Inus De Medical Center are professional, competent and kind. I am feeling incredibly grateful that there are practitioners and modalities for healing that support those living in the margins. I think, in part, my emotional release was about that gratitude.

Love, light & healing,


Words, Well Scent

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