Yesterday was my first day of Apheresis in Cham, Germany at the Inus de Medical Center with Dr. Straube.

I am so glad to be here with another patient (Regina Weichert of Lyme Nation). It helps to shape my perception of treatment more generally instead of focusing simply on my own experience.

Yesterday Regina compared Apheresis to other IV’s she has had in the past. It was nothing like that for me. I had an incredibly difficult day for various reasons. I had pain. It was incredibly and unexpectedly emotional. I also felt very unwell for hours after treatment and, while it improved quickly, I still feel poorly today.

Keep in mind please that I wouldn’t have made a trip to Germany if I were feeling well in the first place. The cross-country trek is part of my journey, but I am also meant to use my voice to help others prepare for this pilgrimage. I can handle the treatment today because of the work I have done for the past two years and I can use this experience to help others.

Because we are some of the first patients to visit from the U.S., there was little information from others on the procedure,  or support for travel.

There are things that can help to make this trip and experience easier and I will gather my thoughts around that and share with others when I can be home and recoup.

Peace, love light ~ Stacy

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