For those that have asked, here is my update for the Apheresis treatment received in Germany for Lyme Disease.

Because I have spent four months devoted 100% to undergoing all treatment recommendations, it is difficult to be clear about one thing or the other, because I did EVERYTHING in a matter of months (neural therapy, detox work, dental work, tonsillectomy, Regenerative Cryotherapy and, of course, Apheresis).

I have spoken to others that have received Apheresis. I have also heard, through the grapevine, about the treatment as it relates to a picture of health both pre/ post Apheresis for others. Some feel it was a miracle, others are less clear. I fall into the latter group.

Post Apheresis, some will experience oxidative stress, which can be intense. I was one of those people and had to quickly make last minute reservations to fly to Seattle (this was less than a couple weeks after returning home from international travel). It was a trip I was unprepared to make. Dr. Dahlgren, of Sophia Health Institute quickly assessed my condition and within a couple days, I was stable again.

If you do decide to consider this treatment, know that the trip is hard, particularly if you are also have Regenerative Cryotehrapy (which requires a six hour train from one location to the other). The train stations are difficult to navigate and often there are no elevators. I know many with Lyme that would find this difficult, is not impossible.

I did experience some challenges around communication and many results were delayed. I anticipated seeing more labwork specific to the Apheresis, such as markers for what was found (bacteria, toxicities, metals, etc.,) but only eventually, months later, was only able to see one marker for ATP, which did appear to improve after treatment. I am aware that other patients actually saw a better clinical picture of what was found pre/ post Apheresis from their labwork. I was extremely disappointed that I never saw this myself. I am optimistic that communication will improve as more and more patients travel from the US for treatment.

Would I do it again? Probably not. However, I would do the dental work FIRST and then assess from there.

I would strongly encourage others to also work with a biological dentist first and to look at the home situation for EMF/ mold issues. I think those things should come first. That is my opinion.

If you do decide to go, there are resources now available to help with the traveling, compiled by myself and Regina Weichert of Lyme Nation which I have share on on this blog: Travel Guide for Apheresis + Regenerative Cryotherapy

I hope this is helpful to someone out there!

Peace, love, light.


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