Your “chakras” are the energy centers of your body. Each of your 7 main chakras correspond with a different function in the body, whether it be physical, psychological, or spiritual.

Many believe that one of the goals in healing the body is to align the chakras and create a sense of balance. When a chakra is blocked, unprotected, or energetically imbalanced, symptoms often arise. Many times, grounding, clearing and rebalancing a chakra can result in symptom relief.

Essential oils are a great way to do that! Here’s a chart on which oils are balancing for which chakras, and where to place a drop. If you’re wondering which of our blends might help with chakra imbalances, here’s a list:

Crown Chakra- Pause for Peace, Renew, Balance

Pause for Peace – Relaxation Support

Third Eye Chakra- Balance, Energize


Throat Chakra- Smile, Breathe


Heart Chakra- Over The Moon, Smile, Pause for Peace

Over the Moon – Endocrine Support

Sacral Chakra- Over The Moon

Root Chakra- Pause for Peace, Release


Love, Candice Mitchell, Social Media Manager


Words, Well Scent

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