Activated charcoal is a popular natural remedy within both alternative and conventional medicine circles used for its adsorbent properties. It’s commonly used to help prevent the absorption of poisons in the gastrointestinal tract, serving as a very powerful (and natural) anti-poison remedy that can be kept in the home for emergency situations. The way it works is the toxic substances in your body attach to the surface of the charcoal, and because the charcoal is not digested, it is eventually expelled taking the toxins out with it!

Common ways to use activated charcoal include:
  • Taking orally to eliminate toxins and poisons
  • Taking orally to relieving digestive issues like nausea, flatulence, and gas pains
  • Creating a topical paste to alleviate itchy bug bites or stings
  • Adding to (toxin-free) toothpaste or atop a toothbrush to whiten teeth
  • Filtering water and air
  • Removing impurities from the skin
Which brings us to our DIY Charcoal Detox Mask! This is a very cost efficient and easy DIY that can be done in just a few steps.
charcoal capsules, aloe vera, and oil in bowls
Ingredients and supplies:
– 10 to 15 activated charcoal capsules
– 1 tbs of aloe vera gel
– 1 tsp of vitamin E oil (which is also a natural preservative)
– 5 drops of tea tree, frankincense, or lavender essential oil. You can grab yours here: Single Oils (Gluten Free, Paleo, Vegan, Cruelty-Free, Chemical Free)
– A nonmetal spoon
– A small nonmetal container
I made enough mixture to last over a week so I can use it several times. I just keep mine in the fridge!

Break apart the capsules into a small container. I prefer to do this over the sink or trashcan as it can get a bit messy. Add your aloe vera gel, vitamin E oil, and drops of essential oil to the container, stirring to create a smooth paste.
charcoal face mask solution mixed into bowl
Apply with finger tips or makeup/paint brush to freshly washed, moistened skin. Be sure to avoid sensitive areas like your eyes and lips. Relax, and let dry for about 10 minutes.
After the mask dries, wash it off, gently drying with a clean towel.
I like to do this mask prior to getting in the shower to cut down on clean up time.
girl wearing charcoal face mask
What are your favorite ways to use activated charcoal? Let us know in the comments!

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