In light of The Atlantic’s eye-opening article, “The Toxins That Threaten Our Brains“, we are focusing on essential oil blends, to celebrate their ability to help us combat the toxic exposures our bodies face on a daily basis.

Educating yourself on potential sources of environmental toxicity and their effects on the body can be frightening, but at Well Scent we believe that knowledge is power, and we believe in the power of healthy lifestyle changes and the protection of earth’s natural remedies. Just swapping your toxic conventional personal care products and household cleaning supplies for non-toxic natural alternatives is a huge step in the right direction. Recipes including essential oils can help in that effort.

In addition, essential oils also have protective and detoxifying properties that aid the body in staving off toxicity and eliminating toxins already absorbed by the body’s lymphatic system. As The Atlantic’s article conveys, we don’t always have control over what we’re exposed to, but at Well Scent we believe that we always have the power to shift our body’s response.

Here’s a few of our remedies that can help:

Release Detox + Sinus Support: This blend isn’t just limited to antimicrobial protection from sinus infection. It includes Cypress, which is a powerful detoxifying oil that stimulates lymphatic drainage and the mobilization of accumulated toxicity. Release also contains Bay Laurel, which is known to stabilize the autonomic nervous system which is essential when addressing neurotoxicity.

Wellscript Liver Blend: Your liver is your detoxification powerhouse. It’s responsible for filtering nearly all of the toxins that your body comes in contact with. It’s also your powerhouse of regeneration, so supporting it is essential to staying strong and healthy, despite what’s going on around you.

Renew: Along with a strong digestive system and lymphatic system, a strong immune system and circulatory system is essential to detox and rejuvenation as well. Our Renew blend supports the bodies natural resilience by protecting the immune system from infection that may systemically weaken the bodies’ defenses, and by acting as a cardiac tonic to support the circulatory system in eliminating toxicity before it can be stored in the body’s tissues.

Renew - Antimicrobial Lyme Immune

Candice Mitchell, Social Media Manager

Words, Well Scent

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