More than any other question, people most often want to know how I was able to build the foundation of my line and the infrastructure of my business when I was effectively disabled from Lyme Disease. The answer to that question is simple.

I never thought about it.

I was following my joy, working with plant medicine, and building my own curated collection of blends that were intrinsic to my healing. And soon a community of physicians, business owners, friends and family supported that endeavor too.

One of our most loved blends, Balance, was the result of a conversation shared with a physician at Sophia Health Institute, who brought to me notes from a conference he had attended over the weekend. That support inspired this blend, which works beautifully for sensitive patients treating for Lyme Disease and other complex or chronic health challenges.


And because I was uniquely able to relate to that population, I intuitively culled the oils that would not only work with the infectious part of illness, but would also lovingly nourish the spirit, support circulatory, lymphatic and organ health, and strengthen the nervous system.

Balance was also intended to feel luxurious and soothing, so I selected oils that are aromatically special. Some of my favorites used in this blend include Myrrh, Frankincense, Rosemary and Vetiver.

So just remember, sometimes we only recognize the great work, or great strides we are making towards happiness, joy and fulfillment in retrospect. But you’re doing it all the while, and probably you’re even doing your best work when you don’t even know it.

Cheers community. Here’s to finding your J O Y. ⭐️


Founder and Certified Aromatherapist

Words, Well Scent

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