It is so incredibly important to stay grounded. It is essential to staying in the present moment, staying well, and maintaining homeostasis in the body. It’s also the foundation for authentic joy and peace. Considering the growing prevalence of wireless technology and electromagnetic fields in our society, as well as our tendency to remain indoors surrounded by an artificial and unnatural environment, it is more important now than ever.

We ground ourselves and our bodies by connecting with the earth. The best way to do this is to place your bare feet on the ground, but we know that in winter this isn’t always possible. That’s when other tools for grounding become invaluable, such as Juil Shoes and grounding stones and beads like Tiny Devotions.

Another tool that we’ve found to be useful in staying grounded, in the present moment, is essential oils.

Here is a fantastic article noting the many grounding and balancing capabilities of select essential oils:

Based on the oils listed, such as Sandalwood for introducing earth’s energy to the body, and ylang ylang for releasing ungrounding energy like fear, our Pause for Peace blend is great for grounding and sprouting your unwavering roots.

Pause for Peace – Relaxation Support

So take a moment to Pause for Peace today, ground, and set the intention to stay authentically connected and remain in the moment with gratitude and joy.

Love, Candice – Well Scent Social Media Manager

Words, Well Scent

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