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Natural Nervous System Healing, Chakra Re-alignment & Insomnia Relief

We’re excited to introduce to you a brand new “sister” blend to our well-loved Over The Moon endocrine balancing remedy. This morning, we’re unveiling “Under The Stars”.

While our Over The Moon blend focuses on hormonal balancing, endocrine healing and spiritual empowerment for women, our brand new Under The Stars blend is a gender neutral blend targeted to balance the body systemically, grounding each chakra and re-aligning the body’s energy system. Under The Stars is soothing rather than stimulating, making it the perfect blend to use before sleep, soothing insomnia and promoting nighttime healing of the mind, body and spirit, assuring that you achieve your best rest while sleeping “under the stars”.

Under our Stars’ comforting, sweet, yet grounding aroma is reminiscent of a forest on a summer night. It contains extract from a Styrax Benzoin tree, a resin with a rich, vanilla-like scent. It also contains a plethora of other tree resins and extracts, including “Kumaru”, a tree that produces “tonka beans”, another vanilla-like bean with an earthy yet sweet smell, as well as Oakmoss, Cedarwood and Bergamot, making it one of the most grounding oils we have available.

Whether you’re headed to bed in hope for some sweet forest dreams, or hoping to ground and sprout your roots in meditation or prayer, this blend will be sure to systemically support the stability of your body, the balance of your mind, and the alignment of your spirit. Ground, balance, re-align, and heal “Under The Stars“.


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