Have you heard the word chakra, but haven’t quite figured out what it means?

We’d like to take a moment to shine a spotlight on your chakra system this morning, in hope to shed some light on energy medicine and the health of your body’s energetic meridians and the energy centers of your body. We’d also like to introduce some essential oil blends that may help balance each of your chakras for a greater sense of wellness and profound peace.

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Just like your body’s organs make up your body’s physical system, your chakras are what comprise your body’s energetic system. Both are incredibly important in whole-body and whole-person wellness. This is why we like essential oils so much; they support both the physical and energetic picture of health.

We love Zen Lama World’s explanation of chakras and the the responsibilities of each of the 7 chakras that make up your energetic system: http://bit.ly/1fKOpvZ

We also think Gaiam’s article on the “7 Chakra Sisters” is an adorable introduction to your body’s energy centers: http://bit.ly/1DnpjzM

We feel that this knowledge is incredibly empowering, and we feel that empowerment is a key part of healing. That’s why we love essential oils; they give us the power to shift both energetic and physical obstacles in a gentle and soul-nourishing way.

Here are some of our blends that we feel support chakra health:

1st Chakra:
Intention- “I am grounded.”
Associated organs- Adrenals, Spine, Sacrum, Lower Intestinal Tract
Blend- Pause for Peace http://bit.ly/1trbxpu

2nd Chakra:
Intention- “I own my creative (or feminine) power.”
Associated organs- Endocrine system, Uterus, Ovaries
Blend- Over The Moon http://bit.ly/1nO3D4e

3rd Chakra:
Intention- “I am capable. I can do this.”
Associated organs- Lungs, Stomach, Spleen
Blend- Breathe http://bit.ly/1ASgfP9

4th Chakra:
Intention- “Let love in. Let the rest go.”
Associated organs- Heart
Blend- Smile http://bit.ly/Ukwvdl

5th Chakra:
Intention- “I speak my truth.”
Associated organs- Throat, Esophagus, Vocal Chords, Tonsils, Gums, Teeth
Blend- Watch Your Mouth http://bit.ly/1pBaFO8

6th Chakra:
Intention- “I trust my intuition.”
Associated organs- Eyes, Ears, Brain, Pituitary Gland, Limbic System
Blend: Frankincense http://bit.ly/1uMf445

7th Chakra:
Intention- “My mind is clear. I am open to new wisdom.”
Associated organs- Brain, Central Nervous System
Blend- Headache(Rx)

Have a beautiful, and healing weekend!
Well Scent Director of Communications

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