I started this journey six years ago and by the grace of God, I am finally on the right side of Lyme Disease now. Hoorah! HOORAH! Where are you on YOUR journey right now? What successes are you having? Where are you feeling stuck? If you feel like sharing, I will do my best to help! Ask your questions in the comments below!

Since people frequently inquire about my healing journey, I decided to share my top five questions (and answers) in order to share my successes with all of you!

Question #1: How did you get better?
Answer: I am still on this journey, I am just not focused on the infections as much now. My approach to Lyme treatment, however, was initially modeled after those in the community that got better. Find those stories! It is so inspiring to see people moving in the world again after overcoming complex illness. Here is a short list of what I learned from these people:
1) Never give up.
2) Don’t be afraid to consult with other physicians. Great doctors welcome thoughtful collaboration because they know this is a complex patient population.
3) Whenever your protocol or symptoms become overwhelming, focus on detoxification and grounding the energy body (detox baths, crystals, stargazing, binders and drainers, saunas as tolerated, lymphatic work, hydration, colonics/ enemas).

Question #2: What one thing did you do that made the most impact in your healing?
Answer: I addressed environmental exposure, particularly mold. (Read Dr. Neil Nathan’s book: Mold and Mycotoxins – Treatment Modalities 2017).

Question #3: What surprised you most in this experience of treating Lyme Disease?
Answer: I have been most surprised at how interconnected our physical healing is with our emotional wellbeing. The two cannot be separated. Move infections and toxicity, and you move memories, imprinted trauma, old wounds. Deconstruct the personality in illness, and you peel back layers and layers of stuff that isn’t you. And when you work with that understanding and knowledge, you understand it goes both ways. Similarly, if you shift energy as a result of healing your past, for example, you also move infections and toxicity. I have countless amazing, cool stories of this happening over the years and, believe, me, I was initially not leaning towards this way of looking at illness and healing. Some powerful modalities you may want to consider for working with the emotional/ spirit body are psycho-neurobiology, Family Constellations, Frequency Specific Microcurrent, Meditation, Mindfulness, counseling that focuses on being more embodied, journaling, breath-work, bodywork.. For more information on a few of these modalities, see the Sophia Health Institute Blog Post, “Healing Psycho-Emotional Trauma in the Treatment of Chronic Health“.

Question #4: What treatments helped you the most? 
Answer: Treatments I most benefited from included addressing dental infections (cavitations and root canals), IV therapies as tolerated, colonics as needed, binders and drainers, and addressing trauma through different systems to include aromatherapy, family constellations, Psycho Neuro-Biology, Reiki, neuroplasticity,

Question #5: What advice do you have for others treating Lyme Disease?

Answer: It feels very important to me to emphasize that people do get better. There are a lot of stories online about people fighting for their lives, but what you don’t see is all the people that are living their lives again, post-Lyme treatment. Find a way to connect without identifying with the community, disease, symptoms, diagnosis, lab results. And remember that right now you are still powerful and your body is working so hard,, and your spirit is processing toxicity, change, isolation, fear and loss. But there are intrinsic gifts to be realized from the efforts, eventually,

In the meantime, be sweet with yourself.

In health,

Stacy Shuman

Words, Well Scent

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