For those of you who are new to the Well Scent family and haven’t gotten to know our small business’ background yet, we are an apothecary run entirely by a team of women who also happen to be Late Stage #Lyme Disease survivors. So when a new study emerged in early October testing the efficacy of 34 essential oils in treating persistent Lyme bacteria and its protective biofilm, we were thrilled to see the interest in legitimizing essential oils as a treatment modality and unequivocally encouraged by the results. Researchers compared the top 5 oils with the greatest success rate to the antibiotic daptomycin, and the results were astounding. Three of the oils significantly outperformed Daptomycin by a huge margin, and offered eradication of the persistent form of the bacteria that most antibiotics cannot.

“We were able to identify 23 essential oils at 1% concentration that are more active than the control persister drug Daptomycin, 3 of which, oregano, clove bud, and cinnamon bark, highlighted themselves as having a remarkable activity even at a very low concentration. Among them, oregano and cinnamon bark essential oils demonstrated the best activity as shown by complete eradication of stationary phase B. burgdorferi.”
View the Full Study here:…/10.3389/fmed.2017.00169/full

Complete eradication. Words that a Lyme patient isn’t sure they’ll ever hear.

This illuminating and promising study just further validates the value of essential oil remedies formulated specifically to treat Lyme, like our very own Balance and Renew blends. For years now, our list of practitioners that support our apothecary and utilize these blends in patient protocols has continued to steadily grow, but it’s studies like this that help propel the widespread use of and faith in alternative treatment modalities for complex neuroimmune illnesses like Lyme Disease and its co-infections.In light of this exciting study, we’re offering our Lyme-specific Balance and Renew blends at a discounted price this month.

Our Lyme and Biofilm-Specific blend Balance, highlights Oregano, the main star of this new study:
Our Lyme and Co-infection Specific blend Renew, features Clove, another all-star in this recent study:
To read more about our apothecary, our blends and view testimonies from the patients and practitioners who utilize them, please visit out website:

Here’s to a promising future and new hope for healing,
The Well Scent Team

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