I just received the pathology report on a root canal tooth I had removed a few weeks ago. This tooth was asymptomatic; I never experienced issues with inflammation or sensitivity and there was NO VISIBLE infection.

The report basically points to gangrene and extensive dead bone and an immune reaction in the host (me).

Not only did one dentist recommend and perform a root canal into affected and infected bone, but a second dentist placed an implant. Neither assessed the bone as infected, rather the question of the health of the bone was never an issue.

Hard as it is for me to talk about this, I am determined to be heard, because this ONE thing, more clearly than any other thing I have tried, has made a significant and noticeable and immediate change in my overall picture, particularly as it relates to my thyroid. Over the course of TWO years, I have undergone explants on three root canals (all were asymptomatic) and one titanium implant. Each and every time, within 24 hours to five days, my thyroid prescriptions were significantly reduced.

I fully realize how inconvenient and expensive this work is. I also know how expensive it is to treat and chase symptoms for years.

Please do not underestimate the dental piece. See our RESOURCES page to find holistic an biological dentists in your area.

Yours in healing ~ Stacy

(UPDATE: As of December 15th, after taking prescriptions to support my thyroid for four years, I discontinued the use of all of all thyroid medication.)

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