Cardamom seed (Elettaria cardomomum) 5 ml


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WHAT IT IS: 100% Organic and undiluted ardamom (Elettaria cardamomum) essential oil, a colorless to pale yellow liquid displaying a warm, rich, spicy-aromatic bouquet with a delicate cineolic-camphoraceous topnote and a lovely balsamic-woody dryout. The Guatemalan cardamom oil is a wonderfully balanced aromatic-spicy oil of good tenacity

HOW TO USE IT: Cardamom is recommended for digestive problems (especially those caused by stagnation of the Qi in stomach and intestines), fluid retention, nervous disorders and nausea, and can be helpful for easing coughs and bronchitis. Cardamom is stimulating to the lungs and tonifying to the brain. In the East, cardamom seeds are valued as as aphrodisiac.



  • Cardamom is indicated for problems associated with the Earth Elements: for poor concentration, tension, overthinking and worry. Cardamom helps to restore an “appetite for life”.
  • Associated with Taurus, symbol of stability and appetite, cardamom helps us to see the world as it is.

FUN FACT: Cardamom has been used in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine for over 3,000 years.