Breathe – Allergy and Lung Support


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{Colds ⋅Lung Support ⋅Bronchial Conditions ⋅Large Intestine ⋅Mental Clarity}

WHAT IT IS: One of the most versatile blends we offer, “Breathe”, is suitable for so many conditions we consider it to be a must-have for traveling. It’s useful for bronchial conditions, allergies, flu prevention and organ/lung support.  Many of the oils in this blend also support digestion and mental fatigue.


  • Use around breath work or Pranayama by applying it around chakra points, the solar plexus or the thymus area (middle of chest). Beautiful support during meditation, to slow breathing, encourage deep breaths, calm the mind and soothe the soul.
  • Helps to prevent and treat colds, and offers support for bronchial conditions. For flus and colds, place a dab on the sternum in place of synthetic vapor rubs. For allergies, place a drop on a q-tip and swipe on the very outer rim of each nostril and under the nose. For asthma, relax the airways by rubbing on the chest and under the nose, and by placing a few drops on a tissue by the bed or on a corner of a pillow for support during the night.
  • To support the large intestine and gut health, place a drop in the belly button or rub into the abdomen in inflamed areas in a circular, clockwise motion. To support motility, can be rubbed over entire abdomen, following the large intestine pattern by starting in the lower left quadrant and moving up toward the stomach and back down toward the left hip.
  • To boost mental clarity, place a drop on each temple. Breathe deeply.

BENEFITS: If you follow TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), this blend may be supportive for those with a Lung Imbalance. Symptoms of this condition include shortness of breath and shallow breathing, sweating, fatigue, cough, frequent cold and flu, allergies, asthma, and other lung conditions, dry skin, depression and crying. Improving lung support increases vitality and decrease breathlessness and immune deficiency.

  • Marjoram has a spasmolytic action which makes it well suited for supporting the treatment of upper respiratory infections, including bronchitis where there is an accompanying cough, and whooping cough.
  • Niaouli is one of the most important anti-allergenics in aromatherapy. It is an excellent expectorant and also has moderate but useful antiasthmatic properties.
  • Frankincense Oil is well used for a weakened immune system, asthma and depression.
  • Hyssop is very tonifying to the sympathetic nervous system (which regulate the body’s unconscious actions and is responsible for the body’s fight-or-flight response). Hyssop is well tolerated and useful with nervous depression and all upper respiratory infections and asthma-related lung inflammation.

EMOTIONAL ASPECT: Can strengthen one’s sense of personal boundary. Improved sense of mood. Innately balancing. Nerve tonic.

INGREDIENTSMelaleuca leucadendron viridiflora (niaouli) oilOriganum majorana leaf (marjoram) oilMentha piperita leaf (peppermint) oil, Olibanum (frankincense), Tsuga canadensis leaf (spruce) oilHyssopus officinalis leaf (hyssop) oil, Anthemis nobilis flower (Roman Chamomile) oil, 100% USDA Certified Organic Simmondsia chinensis (jojoba) seed oil.

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Breathe is my favorite Well Scent blend!! I love this in general since I have respiratory issues, but I am also fairly confident it helped me recover from a cold twice as quickly as my husband…& I am immune compromised, so the stuff rocks!

Eleana Zimand