Pause for Peace – Relaxation Support


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WHAT IT IS: A meditative and calming blend perfect for your inner yogi!

HOW TO USE IT: For aromatic or topical use; use during ceremony, meditation and prayer, and for relaxation.


  • 1 drop on each of the 4 corners of your yoga mat
  • 1 drop on palms of hands and soles of feet before yoga
  • 1 drop on heart center before meditation or prayer
  • 1 drop on a bookmark, place in your favorite book
  • A few drops on your towel, hung in the bathroom while showering so the steam can carry the aroma
  • A few drops in a bath, and on a loofa
  • A drop on your lower back/sacrum to promote grounding
  • A drop on your heart chakra point (sternum), to promote emotional release and to foster joy
  • 1 drop on each of your temples in times of stress, tension, anxiety or worry

BENEFITS: Stress support.

EMOTIONAL ASPECT: Comforting, grounding, supportive, soothing, sensual.

INGREDIENTS: Santalum album (sandalwood) oil, Elettaria cardamomum (cardamom) seed oil, Rosa damascena flower (rose) oil, Vanilla planifolia fruit (vanilla), Vetivera zizanoides root (vetiver) oil, White Cedarwood, Oakmoss, 100% USDA Certified Organic Simmondsia chinensis (jojoba) seed oil..

5 ml bottle


All of my clients and colleagues know I’m not a big fan of “products.” During my own 8 year journey with chronic Lyme disease and other illnesses, I just didn’t see the benefit outweighing the cost and got disheartened. As an energy therapy practitioner now, I really encourage my clients to change and balance their energy systems from within to heal on a whole new level – teaching them they already hold the biggest piece of their own healing. However, Well Scent products are so awesome that I constantly break my “no products recommendation” rule. I literally feel like they help instigate the body’s natural ability to heal, balance, protect and ground. They amplify the awesomeness we already posses. My favorite is Pause For Peace (I personally wear it as perfume) which helps on more levels than I think it was created for. There seems to be some magic to applying it right under the eyes at the top of the cheekbones – acupressure points for worry. Chill Out is another must-have and works to support the adrenals. The quality and care that goes into these products are unparalleled. Well Scent, simply, rocks!

Amy B. Scher – Energy Therapy For Emotional Healing

I love Pause for Peace. Before I begin bodywork, I dab a bit on my neck to keep myself in a centered, peaceful place during my work. My sessions are better when I do this! (My clients get Go Go on their face cradle covers to keep sinuses open and facilitate detoxification during their massage.

Sally Martin

Pause for Peace tests REALLY well for me energetically. It’s a real lifesaver and now part of my night time ritual! I love your products and just sent a couple to my sister who just got diagnosed (contracted from a tick on a concrete patio in a major cosmopolitan patio – sheesh). Thank you Well Scent!

Nancy R., CA.