A #WellnessWednesday Post:

It’s “Flu Season”, but here at Well Scent we like to think of Autumn as the season of restoration and rejuvenation. The new immune challenges that come with “Back to School” and Fall are merely opportunities to boost your immune system, detox your lymphatic system and regenerate your body’s innate vitality.

For those of you who are on our page and would rather regenerate than vaccinate, we have some simple suggestions to incorporate into your daily routine to naturally protect yourself against the flu and boost your body’s defenses. In addition to vitamins, supplements and herbs- #essentialoils are an invaluable tool.

-“Balance” Your Immune System with Rosemary, Frankincense & Myrrh:http://bit.ly/1ruDoqv

In order for the immune system to stay strong, balance is key. While Myrrh boosts the immune system’s defenses and Rosemary eliminates infectious immune challenges, Frankincense calms autoimmunity and soothes any areas of overactivity. This creates the perfect terrain for immune strength. Just a dab on the sternum, behind the ear, or a drop in the bellybutton or on the bottom of the feet before you’re off to work, or before you head to bed.

-“Protect” Your Membranes and Airways with Clove, Myrrh and Thyme:http://bit.ly/1tNrYQL

The most prevalent ways to come in contact with immune challenges are through what we touch and the air that we breathe. The antimicrobial nature of Clove, Myrrh and Thyme make the essential oil blend a great hand sanitizer, or protective antiviral and antibacterial “purifier” for the air that enters your nose and lungs. Dab a little on the throat, sternum or back of the neck before your child heads off to school or you head to the office, and keep your bottle in your purse to use on your hands before you touch your packed lunch.

-“Release” the Toxicity Suppressing your Lymphatic System with Eucalyptus and Cypress: http://bit.ly/1u7SNj9

Detoxification is a crucial part of getting well and staying well. We come in contact each day with microbes and toxins that were not meant for us, so it’s important to release and rebalance upon returning home. Unwind in a detoxifying bath at the end of the day with Cypress, a lymphatic decongestant, and Eucalyptus, for lymphatic drainage. Wash away pathogens, toxicity and immune-suppressing stress with just a few drops.

-“Renew” an Overworked Body with Blood Orange, Cassia & Clove:http://bit.ly/1pgKev9

The Autumn-inspired aroma of cinnamon and orange is not only soothing to the soul, but is restorative to a weary body. While Blood Orange acts as a support for a suppressed nervous system and slowed circulatory system, Cassia and Clove reboot a “run down” immune system to assure renewed ability to thrive under all circumstances. You can use this restorative blend topically or internally, but we love the idea of diffusing it in the home so you can return from a trying day to a sanctuary to rest and restore.

Be well this season, naturally!
The Well Scent Team

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