It’s that time of year again! The season of sinus troubles.

Winter can be rough on the sinuses, given all of the time spent indoors with exposure to weather-related dampness, drying heaters and airborne flu bugs and infections.

This is a great article on how to use essential oils for sinusitis and sinus infections:

But we have some tips of our own…including the use of our “Release” blend for Detoxification and Sinus Support.


The article above mentions the sinus-clearing effects of eucalyptus oil, one of the main components of our Release Blend. The suggested uses in the article work great when using Release, but here are some other ways to utilize it during winter:

-When your nose feels stuffy, irritated or dry, rub some raw shea butter between your fingers, then add a drop of “Release” to the softened cream. Rub your fingers together again and then dab the Go-Go infused shea butter underneath your nose.

-To create a steam treatment while you’re showering, soak a washcloth with hot water and place 4 drops of Release on the wet cloth. Place it on a shelf or ledge in your shower that is as high as possible, close to your face. As you shower, the essential oils will be released from the cloth into the steam.

-Sinus trouble is often most prevalent in the morning during winter, especially if the heater is on all night. Diffuse Release in your bedroom on a table closest to your heater vent, so when the air blows through the grate it permeates essential oils through the room.

Have a happy, healthy winter!

Your in health,

Candice Mitchell, Social Media Manager

Words, Well Scent

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