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“I just like to smile. Smiling’s my favorite!” -Buddy The Elf

~6 Reasons to Gift “Smile” This Season~

  1. It’s gently uplifting for those with the “winter blues”Our Smile essential oil blend is a favorite amongst our customers, but is especially popular during winter. It contains Geranium, a natural anti-depressant that research has shown to be supportive for those who struggle with Seasonal Affective Disorder and depression. It supports neurotransmitters in such a way that enables the user to move out of moments of sadness toward an authentic state of joy.
  2.  It naturally smells like a spring garden. Because it contains both Jasmine and Geranium, our Well Scent friends feel that its aroma makes it a great organic replacement for synthetic perfume. It’s a wonderful holiday gift for gardeners or flower lovers who miss the therapeutic aroma of their garden in spring. It’s also a wonderful gift for perfume lovers who wish to transition to a nontoxic, green, healthier lifestyle.
  3. It embodies the joy of the season. Just as Buddy expresses in the holiday classic, “Elf”, smiling is our favorite. “Smile” embodies the energy of joy, much like the energy of the holiday season, the “Season of Joy” itself. We energetically imprint our blends, which increases the therapeutic value of the essential oils in the bottle. Because Smile is comprised of oils that support healthy neurotransmitter function and the unburdening of the heart, we imprinted it with the energy of unconditional love and happiness.
  4. Children love it too. We love when an essential oil blend supports a unique array of individuals. Testimonials from our customers include moms of school age children and teens who struggle with school-related stress and anxiety. They report that their kids love the hint of Vanilla in our blends, and that they observe that their children wake up with less difficulty or anxiety when used on a pillow or stuffed animal at night, and that they focus better (without protest) on their homework when dabbed on after school. This is likely due to the grounding effects of Sandalwood, and uplifting yet focusing potential of Geranium oil.
  5. It supports more than just the mind and spirit.”Smile” contains Frankincense and Vetiver, two essential oils that are powerfully immune protective. This is important too during the holiday season! A dab on the sternum emotionally and energetically supports an individual and their heart, but also offers protection against viruses, flus and colds. While we’re celebrating that it’s the “Season of Giving”, it’s also flu season so we like to use essential oils to assure that the “bugs” going around aren’t something that we’re given.
  6. “Smile” is a gift for the whole family. When you wear Smile, you are not only uplifting your own spirit, but the spirit of those around you. Aromatherapy is much like smiling itself; the effects are infectious.

Celebrating infectious smiles this season, and wishing you bountiful joy.
The Well Scent Team

Words, Well Scent

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