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Take some time to take care of YOU this weekend.

6 Ways to Use Smile for Self Care


1. In a Detoxifying Bath

You likely have everything you need for a relaxing and rejuvenating detox bath if you have baking soda, epsom salt and a bottle of Smile. 1 cup of Baking Soda and 1 cup of Epsom Salt is all you need to draw unwanted toxicity out of your lymph through your skin, and a few drops of Smile is all you need to clear your mind and remind your heart of its innate ability to foster joy.

2. In a #DIY Hair Conditioning Treatment

Care for your hair and show your strands a little extra love by adding our Smile #essentialoil blend to our DIY Blogger Melissa’s homemade hair treatment recipe: Smile’s Jasmine oil will not only contribute to the newfound softness of your hair, but will linger and act as an added mood booster and comfort as you move throughout your day.

3. On Your Favorite Fall Scarf

Head out on a walk to get grounded and keep your body, mind and soul moving and nourished this weekend. Soak in the gorgeous Autumn scenery, and while you’re out enjoying the crisp and refreshing air, wrap a scarf around your neck and add a few drops of Smile to the material so you’re breathing in peace-inducing Geranium and Sandalwood while you’re out.

4. In Yoga and Meditation

Take a moment to pause for peace this weekend and practice meditation, stretching, breath work or yoga. Add a drop of Smile to your yoga mat or rub it into your sternum to support the grounding and clearing of your 4th chakra, the chakra that governs your heart. To learn more about essential oils and chakra work, see our article:

5. In a #Homemade Body Srub

Start your Saturday morning off on the right foot by elevating your shower with a simple homemade coconut oil & #aromatherapy body scrub. See Melissa’s “Smile Scrub” recipe on our blog:

6. Inside Your Favorite Book

Curl up this weekend and get cozy with your favorite book, a comfy blanket, those notorious fuzzy socks and our Smile essential oil blend. Place a few drops of Smile on your bookmark or in the pages of your book to scent the pages, and allow yourself to get lost in the story and the magical aroma of Frankincense and Vanilla.

We’re wishing you a weekend full of Smiles,
The Well Scent Team

Written by: Candice
Photo Credit: Kayla
DIY Recipes: Melissa

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