We’re loving “Balance” this week!

Today, we’re feeling like having a candid moment with you guys and sharing how Balance has helped us in some of those slightly-less-than-glamorous situations. Let’s be honest; life is full of those!

Balance has become one of our secret weapons against rashes and skin issues associated with infection. We don’t always have to even know exactly what it is. If a mark pops up and it’s inflamed, itchy, bumpy or kind of funky, we put some Balance on it. Accidentally aptly named for its dermal benefits- it seems to rebalance the skin.

Two of our lovely Well Scent team members candidly share their experiences:

  • “I had 2 sort of reddish spots on my upper abdominal area. My LLMD said they were yeast growths, due to being unable sweat and detox properly. He said he could give me a prescription for an anti-fungal cream, but I passed. I used Balance on them instead and they were gone within a week.” -Beth
  • “My doctors recommended I use Balance on a spot of necrosis on my lower leg. The spot is noticeably smaller and has continued to heal nicely. I’ve had strange spots and rashes appear frequently and have often had a difficult time getting rid of them. However, I started applying Balance whenever something pops up and poof, they are gone. I’m pretty sure it’s witchcraft. Or sorcery. Or maybe just lots of love.” -Chay

The Well Scent team would love to know how YOU are incorporating more Balance into YOUR life! Please share in the comments.


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