We’d like to share a little bit more about Balance today, and its many uses aside from treating tickborne illness. If you’ve tried Balance, please share how it’s been useful to YOU!

The Well Scent Team’s Favorite Ways to Use Balance:

  • “I like to use it for cuts! I also add 2 drops to my 24 oz water bottle to clear lingering bacteria in my bottle and in my gut.” -Maggie
  • “I am successfully using Balance to treat Keratosis Pilaris (“chicken bumps” on the back of my upper arms). Before a detox bath, I first use a skin brush to exfoliate my arms. Sometimes I add our Release Blend to this step. Then after my bath, I dry my arms and rub a few drops of Balance into the affected areas.” -Stacy
  • “In my household, we use Balance when we’re trying to stave off a cold or flu. We find that if we put a drop or two on our sternum before bed, and a drop on a tissue on our nightstand, a dry cough or a sore throat will be gone in the morning.” -Candice

What are YOUR favorite ways to get a little more Balance in YOUR life? We would LOVE to know!

With love,

The Well Scent team


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