When I first started Well Scent, I worked from a closet no bigger than four feet wide. For more than a year, I created the foundation of the line that would support my healing first and a business later.

That simple precept and beginning informed the model and philosophy for Well Scent. All of the love that I poured into my work for almost two more years, often alone and unwell, has culminated in a joyous gift of friendship and blessings.

I still have a lot of hard days, but I am transformed because of the emotional and spiritual work that comes with gigantic challenges. Today, I am surrounded by extraordinary women with big hearts and passion and humility and perseverance (and you just have to know this energetically supports our work at Well Scent!).

I am grateful for the plant-medicine that was my calling because it inspired this business, and then showed me my tribe.

Ladies and gentlemen, say hello to Chay and Sarah… Chay is my daughter and the Director of Communications and Sarah is the Manager of Customer Relations and New Accounts.

I have been blessed a hundred times by the people that have come my way exactly because of what I have survived.

With love,

Words, Well Scent

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