We have some exciting news!

We are continuing our incredible partnership with the beautiful and talented Jaime Didio Aoyama of Studio Aiuto to update branding to reflect current trends and also to help our customers experience the vividness of nature through one-dimensional media.

Even though our branding and marketing materials are already stunning (thank you Jaime!), we love the opportunity to “wow” our community. Every investment we have made in the past to refine or elevate the customer’s experience has been received by all of you with so much support.

We look forward to sharing this new branding with you and we hope you love the brand “refresh” as much as we love all of you! Just a note, the piccture here reflects the most recent iteration, which will soon be tweaked slightly.

On another note, I am personally energized by these partnerships with women that lead powerfully in business, as entrepreneurs, leaders and as mentors. I an intentional about checking in with other women for inspiration, which has less to do with businee and more to with self-actualization, and maintaing a connection to the things that bring me joy.

What brings you joy? Feel free to share your sources for inspiration in the comments below.

Thank you for letting me share our good news with you and for the continued support.

And for more information on our branding strategist and graphic designer, please see the link below.

Smiles, Stacy Shuman, Founder

Words, Well Scent

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