Happy National Children’s Dental Health Month!

As a team of Lyme Survivors who value alternative medicine and innovative holistic physicians, we are so deeply honored to be supported by some of our country’s leading Lyme Literate holistic practitioners. Knowing that we are a small part of these practitioner’s protocols for patients with complex chronic illness gives us an immeasurable sense of purpose.

We have been most moved by the profound healing work that Klinghardt-trained and invaluably knowledgeable Dr. Katie Dahlgren has accomplished, who will soon be leaving her meaningful place at Sophia Health Institute to practice with leading forces in the Autism and Lyme community at Holistic Healing Arts.
Dr. Dahlgren
Holistic Healing Arts

Our hearts were touched when Dr. Dahlgren benevolently sent us her testimonial for Well Scent’s dental line. Her words about our place in her patients’ protocols meant the world, but so did the thought that we’ve made it into her own home. We are so honored to know that we play a trusted role in holistically maintaining the health of her children, and the dental health of all of the children who are now a part of our Well Scent family.


“In my clinical practice I have the honor and the challenge of working with brave individuals with complex, debilitating illnesses. Through my work with them, I have discovered the importance of addressing the direct relationship between the pathogenic flora and biofilms in the mouth and systemic infection. This is an area of the body that must be assessed and treated to achieve and maintain optimal wellness. I recommend Well Scent’s dental line as part of a comprehensive treatment and prevention approach for every patient regardless of their health goals. The feedback from both patients and dentists has been outstanding – Dentists are shocked by how much Well Scent’s products reduce plaque build-up, staining, biofilms and cavities in their patients. These products are so effective and well formulated that I choose to use them personally both for myself as well as for my young children.” -Dr. Katie Dahlgren

Photographed are Dr. Dahlgren’s sweet boys, using our “Watch Your Mouth for Kids” organic mouthwash and our “Sparkle” and “Shine” natural dental powder.

Just for Grins
Watch Your Mouth
Watch Your Mouth for Kids

Thank you Dr. Dahlgren, for inviting us into your practice and welcoming us into your home.

With love,
Candice, Well Scent Social Media Manager
and The Well Scent Team



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