Exciting News: You can now purchase Well Scent essential oils online through Abe’s Market!

Abe’s is our favorite one-stop-shop for gluten free, #paleo#vegan &#organic snacks, as well as #eco-friendly household goods. We’re honored to now be a part of Abe’s initiative to bring earth-friendly and health-promoting products into the homes of conscious and kind families across the nation.

So elevate YOUR Monday morning by heading over to Abe’s and checking out some healthy breakfast options (we’re really digging CocoMama Quinoa) and some uplifting essential oil blends (including Smile & Just for Grins in your morning routine is a pretty rad way to start the day). 


~Visit our storefront to check out our featured oils: http://bit.ly/1pZ5zZq
~Grab some of our fave snacks while you’re there: http://bit.ly/1oggZfK
~And don’t forget your organic laundry detergent (to add your essential oils to!): bit.ly/X4hrTg
~Add our “Balance” essential oil to an all purpose natural cleaning solution:http://bit.ly/1y9yGO1
~And you can’t checkout without cookies: http://bit.ly/V0Cm86

Celebrating green living,
The Well Scent Team

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