I started sourcing and collecting exotic organic and wildcrafted oils more than a year before I opened my business. One by one, I would learn everything I could about a new oil, then search far and wide until I found the best source for that oil. And while I had a vague idea of how an oil would smell (i.e. woody, floral, grassy, etc.,), when each box arrived, I would shake with excitement as I would fumble through tape, cardboard and the tamper resistant bands, until finally, I could gingerly hold the precious essence cupped between my hands for an introduction.

On a deep level, I would intuitively connect mind + body + spirit with the magic within each oil, and the mysticism and sound science that grounded this art was satisfying intellectually. It spoke perfectly to my personality, and to my health challenges with Lyme Disease.

With that, there have been a few oils that have become my personal favorites over the years. My recommendations are for oils that are versatile with gorgeous fragrances, oils that work powerfully to shift our beings into a more grounded place of strength.


Cistus ladanifer – A favorite Essential Oil

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This fragrant oil is known as an immune system stimulator, and can help to fight off colds, coughs and flus, as well as candida, urinary tract and bladder infections. It has also been traditionally used to normalize menstrual bleeding, improve circulation and ease various types of inflammation and tension. It disrupts biofilms which are colonies that are secreted by bacteria so that the bacteria can evade detection by our immune system. But, more than that, Cistus is just one of those oils that people love. It is rich and spicy, honey-like and slightly floral. It has been historically used for centuries in ceremony. It is a wonderful aid for yoga, meditation and prayer. This grounding oil is ideal for people that have suffered a loss or feel out of control or disorganized.

Now go out there and be wellness warriors friends.

? Be Well. ?

xo, Stacy Shuman

Find Cistus in our apothecary here.

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