Cistus (Cistus ladanifer) 5 ml


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WHAT IT IS: 100% undiluted organic Cistus ladanifer essential oil comes from the leaves and branches of the flowering plant also known as rock rose, labdanum and Rose of Sharon. It has a sweet aroma reminiscent of honeyed fruit. Cistus has antiseptic, astringent and antimicrobial properties, and is effective at stopping minor bleeding and disinfecting wounds. It may also help to ease hemorrhoids and aid in healing bruises. It is sometimes used as an anti-aging serum, as it can help to improve the look of skin, smooth wrinkles and reduce the appearance of scar tissue. Used to support the adrenal glands, immune system and to balance the menstrual cycle (anti-spasmodic). This fragrant oil is known as an immune system stimulator, and can help to fight off colds, coughs and flus, as well as urinary tract and bladder infections. It has also been traditionally used to normalize menstrual bleeding, improve circulation and ease various types of inflammation and tension.


  • Topical applications: The most outstanding effect of Rock Rose is its wound healing abilities. Use it in any blend for healing skin issues, new or old scars, wounds, inflammation and infections.
  • Add cistus in blends for arthritis and muscle/joint pain—it is effective for reducing inflammation.
  • Another great use is to reduce spastic coughing, and as an expectorant for a cold or the flu. Add it to your typical respiratory blends with oils such as Pine, Eucalyptus, Ravintsara and Frankincense.Inhalation: Benefits can be experienced from direct inhalation. Add a few drops to palm of hands then cup together and breathe deeply. Can be used directly from bottle by simply uncapping and breathing in the aroma, cupping the bottle between both palms.
  • Beauty: Rub a drop between palms of hand then run through thick hair or dry ends to tame and nourish.
  • Meditation and prayer: Apply a drop to the base of spine, the third eye (between eyebrows), heart chakra, palms of hands, soles of feet.
  • Cistus assists lymph drainage. n a warm compress, cistus is said to be an effective treatment for swollen lymph glands.
  • For abdominal pains caused by cold, cystitis, or painful menses, a sitz bath with a blend of cistus and sweet marjoram may provide relief.

EMOTIONAL ASPECT: Cistus has been used for centuries as a mediation. Due to its penetrating and deep aroma, t opens the third eye, quiets the mind and is calming to the central and autonomic nervous system. Cistus helps to open the solar plexus chakra, drawing energy inward and freeing the mind from stagnant states and exposing core issues. Helpful for insomnia and fear, especially when they are related.

FUN FACT: Cistus is considered one of the ancient spiritual oils with a history of being used in incense as an aid to meditation and centering. Many authorities believe that Cistus is the “Rose of Sharon” mentioned in the bible.


  • A 1997 study published in the journal Plant Disease found that extracts of Cistus ladanifer displayed antifungal activity against Botrytis cinerea spores. Botrytis cinerea is a type of plant fungus which causes gray mold on various types of crops, most commonly grapes.