Here at Well Scent, we’re all about uninhibited celebration. We love celebrating family, friends, gratitude and blessings…and gluten-free pie!But post-celebration, it’s important to show our bodies some gratitude and love. Health is our greatest wealth! That’s why today, we’re sharing a simple remedy for your Turkey Day Detox.Our Detoxifying “Release” Blend.

Detox Strategies:
-Apply “Release” to the bottom of your feet before bed Thanksgiving evening. As the Cypress and supportive oils absorb, your circulatory system will begin to do its job.-Thanksgiving weekend, unwind in an epsom salt + baking soda detox bath, with a few drops of “Release”. Breathe deeply, and allow the Eucalyptus to begin cleansing your lymph.-Going on a post-Thanksgiving run? Dab “Release” on your lymph nodes before you head out. Rosemary and Cypress will work together with the movement of your body and your perspiration to detox your lymphatic system and regenerate your system.Additional Blends to Consider During Holiday Detoxing:Our “Liver” Blend (for those of us whose primary detox organ needs a little extra love).

LIVER (RX)Our “Headache” Blend (for the morning after you overdid it on the beverages).
final_ws_headacheOur New “Belly Bliss” Blend (for when you’re slightly overstuffed with stuffing).
final_ws_bellyblissHave a happy, healthy holiday season!
The Well Scent Team


Words, Well Scent

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