“The beautiful thing about being
in the mess- it creates friction,
it disrupts comfort, it ignites movement.
movement is what helps us sift through
what’s real, what’s of value
and what deserves to stay.”

Danielle Doby

So keep moving. Keep releasing what was not meant for you, and honoring the parts of you that make you who you are. Sometimes, when we blindly walk forward, our outward vision obstructed by chaos and the unknown, our eyes begin to slowly open to the truths that lay within, the truths that were waiting for us all along.


We have a remedy we’d like to offer as support for your continued movement down your path. Breathe. Breathe is an aromatherapy blend that was intended to ground the user in the present moment, and physically open the lungs while energetically soothing and opening the heart. It’s supportive to both the third and fourth chakras, making it a staple for those walking forward with anxiety or grief.

Dab on the sternum, wrists or temples and take a deep breath. Exhale the tension and the weight of the unknown, and inhale the promise of a bright tomorrow.

Currently discounted for you, “Breathe”: http://well-scent.com/product/breathe-lung-support/

Keep moving, keep trusting, and keep breathing,
The Well Scent Team

Words, Well Scent

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