The poem I wrote below was inspired by the Pilates teacher training I completed in Santa Barbara, Ca. in 2016. My teacher was trained in other disciplines, to include energy medicine and the Franklin Method, so the lessons were colored by her integration of these modalities. As a result, we imprinted the work, and the learning with a certain intention, which in simple terms changed everything. To understand anatomy is to recognize the brilliant machines we daily take for granted. and to “witness'” mechanics, autonomic processes in the body, and the harmonious and lovely way everything works together, can effectively change your relationship with you body, improving biological functions too.

I feel the mountains in my bones, in my torso and pelvic floor. In the forrest, I am a shaman, my ancestors say. I know this landscape. I put flowers in my hair and roll a bay leaf between my fingers. This is my home, this is my family, this is my body, rooted in strength. This is my root chakra. I am safe, I am whole.

I feel the ocean in my liquid body. I am swimming in a dynamic pool of fluids, trusting the flow, feeling its undulating rhythm. This is my sacral chakra. I am beautiful.

I feel the sun in my belly, rolling over, through and around, giving texture to this dimensional space, giving rise to personal will, accountability and independence. This is my third chakra. I am powerful.

Like the wind, my heart is unrestrained. This is my heart chakra. Breathing in, I am a part of everything. Breathing out, I am loved.

Authenticity gives rise to a clear voice. Like a river, there is flow when I am living in alignment with my truth. This is my throat chakra. I will be heard.

Like the moon, I am full of mystery. Changing form and expression, imperceptibly and immeasurably, I am part of the cosmos. This is my third eye chakra. I am on an illuminated path that supports my creativity, intuition and spirituality.

I am an etheric body, shining amongst the stars, in a galaxy among galaxies. I am in communion with the divine. This is my crown chakra. My life is sacred.

With words of light and love,

Words, Well Scent

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