It is the way of EGO to show you all the slights, challenges, pain, difficult relationships, places you are stuck, traffic, personal and interpersonal conflicts, but it is the way of the SOUL to intentionally shift your awareness, to be awake enough to catch yourself unconsciously contributing to your own misery, and to choose again, only intentionally this time.

This does not mean life is easy or without pain, it simply means you can choose to rise above it when you are spiritually awake enough to see what choices you are making and whether they support you. Defining yourself as a victim will reinforce feelings of powerlessness and identifying with your “stuff” can be the beginning of brave work, but you are so much bigger than your “stuff”.

We get to choose how we will define our life challenges and how we will identify the roles we play, consciously or unconsciously, and then we also get to change our mind if our choices are not supporting our wellbeing. Will you choose victim or survivor? Lyme patient or spiritual warrior? Have you chosen one but wish to choose the other now?

I can be a victim or I can be the hero in my own story. In this moment, when I choose to be empowered regardless of any personal circumstance, I am aligned with my higher power.

Also, amidst gigantic challenges, naming the things we are grateful for absolutely supports our healing by changing our energetic frequencies. Simply think on happy things and own what is working in your life to improve your health and perspective. How amazing is that? It is absolutely free and you can do this whenever and wherever you want. This may not obviously improve your situation but dwelling on the difficulties in life won’t either.

My own mediation and reflection follows. I hope it will resonate with you.

I choose this moment to be more awake to what is working and what I have to be grateful for.

Here is my list:

  • Today I am grateful for you and the opportunity to be here with this community.
  • I am grateful for my snorting dog who seems to think my absence, be it an hour or three days, should be celebrated with equal enthusiasm.
  • I am grateful for my spiritual teachers and the support of friends.
  • I am grateful for coconut oolong tea, which I found on a trip to Santa Barbara with my husband for his birthday.
  • I am especially grateful for my daughter who is now fighting to recover her own health, and doing this with such honesty and fearlessness and bravery that it often makes me cry. Already she is walking a soul-path and working more intimately with her own healing. The tenderness and courageousness of her choices is breathtaking because she is owning her own complicity in the process of recovering her life and health. To my own way of thinking this means her healing will be completely transformative.
  • Finally, I am grateful for the Well Scent family and the courageous women who are aligned to this work and choose to show up for a community that I love but also to support my own continued path and healing. Each of these women have such powerful stories of overcoming giant adversities in their own lives. Their grace is not lost on me and I am daily thankful to each of them. WE love YOU guys and hope to continue sharing our own stories of healing and transformation and to share in yours as well.

Now tell me, what are YOU grateful for?

Love and light,

Stacy Shuman

Words, Well Scent

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