Christmas came early a few days ago for Well Scent, when our fellow ATX small business buddy #Paleo Picnik Austin shared the most benevolent words about our organic dental line. Picnik Austin’s support has been one of our greatest gifts. We wanted to share their post with our Well Scent community not only because it so beautifully demonstrates the function and the essence of our blends, but it also demonstrates the beauty of supportive community, the value of authentic support, and the incredible hearts behind the business that so consistently feeds our community nourishing meals.

Thank you for always lifting us up, Picnik Austin, and shining a light on the work we are doing. As Austin’s first Paleo cafe, we can confidently say that you are on the forefront of changing the way our community interfaces with food and their health, and we so appreciate the invaluable hard work that you put in each and every day to educate the community on real food and life-changing nutrition. You’ve reached our hearts through our stomachs, and have illuminated the paths of so many who strive to make healthier choices and heal through food. Thank you for nourishing the mind, bodies and souls of our community!

Picnik Austin’s Post:

“I like to think of every dollar that I spend as a vote – and this time of year presents me with an opportunity to vote for some pretty amazing local businesses! Stacy, owner and founder of Well Scent, is a truly special person. She has supported us not only as a customer, a vendor, and a fellow#smallbusiness-owner – but also as a dear friend.

She has been a pillar of education and hope within the #Lyme community as she’s shared her #LymeDisease journey and the many ways that#essentialoils have supported her healing. Her line of essential oil blends and holistic healthcare products were created to help others heal from the inside out, as well. Stacy, her business, and her entire team are such an inspiration to all of us!

“Shine” and “Watch Your Mouth” are two of our favorite Well Scent products EVER – seriously we are never going back to regular toothpaste again after using these. Anyone can benefit from making the switch to cleaner tooth care products, but this set is absolutely perfect for those who are conscious of everything they put in their bodies, interested in holistic healthcare, or believers in the power of essential oils. http://bit.ly/1un1wMS

Just like the foods you eat, your tooth care products should promote HEALING. We especially love these products from Well Scent because they are anti-inflammatory, alkalizing, and detoxifying.

Thyme essential oil is naturally antibacterial and antimicrobial, so it kills off harmful bacteria and microbes without inhibiting healing. Sea Buckthorn is an incredible natural tooth whitener and is loaded with antioxidants. Green living clay not only provides minerals, but also binds to toxins and heavy metals and naturally removes them, which can make WORLDS of difference in your overall health.

I could go on and on about the unparalleled ingredients that make up this tooth care system. But what makes it truly special is that all the essential oils are organic and wildcrafted, and every product is lovingly handcrafted here in Austin by a truly incredible group of women.

Both of these products are available at Picnik – but we also highly recommend that you visit the Well Scent website and browse through their other products! Knock out some holiday shopping AND show some local business-love.http://bit.ly/1un1wMS

With love for our friends,
The Well Scent Team

Words, Well Scent

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