Aromatherapy Thymes Magazine is a wonderful, creative magazine full of education, tips, and innovative health-promoting uses for essential oils and essential oil blends. We wanted to share a Do-it-Yourself tidbit from them this morning!

A great way to introduce your family and friends to aromatherapy is to scent your notes, letters or stationary with your favorite essential oils. Here is the DIY from Aromatherapy Thymes.


  • Take 10 note cards, envelopes or sheets of stationery and place them inside a medium sealable brown paper bag
  • Drop 5-10 drops of your favorite essential oil or essential oil blend on a tissue – folded in half
  • Place the tissue between the sheets of paper inside the brown bag
  • Seal the bag, and allow it to sit for 1–3 days allowing the aroma to permeate through the paper. When you desire to use, take out of the bag, send, reseal bag. You can also, write a short line introducing the person to the oil or blend.

~Share the scent of gratitude on thank you notes with “Over The Moon

Over the Moon – Endocrine Support
~Share the scent of comfort on get well or condolence cards with “Pause for Peace

Pause for Peace – Relaxation Support
~Share the scent of joy on congratulatory notes with “Smile”

Smile – Mood Support

Thank you Aromatherapy Thymes!

The Well Scent Team

Words, Well Scent

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