In honor of National Women’s Equality Day today, as well as last night’s New Moon and our rebranding and rebirth… We’re having a #sale on our empowering essential oil blend, “Over The Moon”! 35% off Over The Moon, a hormone balancing and empowering natural perfume:

This essential oil blend was created with intention, to rebalance and empower women of all walks of life. Over The Moon meets each woman where they are at physically, emotionally and spiritually, and offers support in their effort to reclaim their power and shine their beautiful light.


~Lotus Blossom Oil: The Lotus has anciently been recognized as a symbol of spiritual enlightenment, and is a flower sacred to many cultures and beliefs. The way a Lotus flower blossoms is much like the way we blossom as women- sprouting roots in muddy waters and unfolding toward the light with newfound beauty. The energetics of the oil of the lotus blossom supports women in their time of physical, emotional and spiritual growth, encouraging an empowered outcome rooted in grounded tranquility and grace.

~Rose Oil: Physically, Rose oil supports the endocrine system and aids in balancing women’s hormones, especially through transitional times in life. A dab of rose oil has been known to provide relief for cycle symptoms as well as women entering into menopause. Energetically, Rose oil supports the heart chakra and allows for the release of heavy burdens, holding space for a woman to reconnect with her soul and its greatest hopes.

~Geranium Oil: Geranium has often been regarded as the “Women’s Essential Oil”, not only because it is known to balance hormones but also because it is known to be an ovarian and uterine tonic, enhancing fertility and a sense of balance and well-being. Geranium is also a profound emotional support, and can balance neurotransmitters, even in times of stress or grief. We love the spiritual alignment and empowerment that takes place when a woman’s hormones are balanced and her feminine energy is confidently claimed.

With love and light, The Well Scent Team ws_overthemoonfb

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