#TBT On today’s “Throwback Thursday”, we’re going to throw it back to Monday when we discovered that we made it into ELLE Magazine (US), thanks to the beautiful The AstroTwins including us in their Weekly Horoscope for Aquarius.

The AstroTwins suggested that due to Aquarius’ full plates right now, stress relief and rejuvenation will be key in staying balanced. They suggested utilizing our Well Scent #essentialoil blends for their restorative properties and to find peace amongst busy days.

So today, we decided to suggest a blend for all astrological signs, based on their AstroTwins horoscope!


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Essential Oil Blends for Each Astrological Sign:

  • Aquarius: “Pause for Peace“- Sandalwood will help ground you while you run through a busy day.
  • Pisces: “Over The Moon“- Osmanthus oil will help balance you and find clarity through the challenge of mercury retrograde.
  • Aries: “Mold Plus”– Because your focus is your domestic sector, it’s a great time to diffuse these autumn-inspired & air purifying scents to boost the air quality in your home.
  • Taurus: “Go Go“- Cypress oil will be the perfect addition to your detox protocol as you focus on wellness.
  • Gemini: “Balance“- A blend of physically balancing oils will be perfect as you currently strive to find your equilibrium.
  • Cancer: “Over The Moon“- Lotus Blossom oil will support you through this phase of your journey of self discovery, and assist you in sprouting the roots of your empowerment.
  • Leo: “Chill Out“- It sounds like you risk burnout! Support your adrenals to prevent exhaustion with this rejuvenative blend.
  • Virgo: “Smile”- Geranium oil will boost not only your mood, but the mood of those around you on your team at work!
  • Libra: “Over The Moon“- This blend of meditative oils will assist you in meditating on your goals and setting your intentions.
  • Scorpio: “Pause for Peace“- Rose Otto will help you real back in any energy that you’ve spread too thin, and restore your ability to shine and share.
  • Sagittarius: “Sandalwood Oil“- Sounds like you need some grounding, Sagittarius! Dab on the most grounding oil available, earthy Sandalwood.
  • Capricorn: “Renew“- Because your focus during mercury retrograde is everything “re”, rejuvenation, restore and release with our “Renew” blend.

Thank you, AstroTwins and Elle Magazine!


Candice Mitchell, Social Media Manager and The Well Scent Team







Words, Well Scent

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