“Let her sleep,
For when she wakes,
She will move mountains.”

aroma therapy for sleep

Rest well, sisters. We have mountains to move.

May you remember each night to send love to the warrior in your soul. Rest your tired feet and weary eyes. Give your heart the space to exhale, and your body the chance to breathe before it wakes. And when morning comes, may you be ready to greet the day knowing with every ounce of your self that you will rise, triumph and shine.

Under the Stars: http://well-scent.com/product/under-the-stars/
An Essential Oil Blend for relief from anxiety, insomnia, deep fatigue, aching bones, an aching soul, and restless nights.

The star oils in our blend:

for the release of grief, the balancing of neurotransmitters, and for elevating the spirit. The aroma of joy.
*Oakmoss– for grounding in the present moment, for sprouting roots in moments of peace, and for clearing the space for a quiet mind and unburdened soul,
*Cedarwood– for calming the autonomic nervous system, supporting the liver and kidneys, and for releasing what no longer serves us to make room for unwavering strength.
*Tonka Bean– an aroma reminiscent of cherry, almond and vanilla. It carries the message to your spirit that you can make yourself comfortable now. You are safe here, and you are home.

Sweet dreams, sisters.
Rise to shine.

Candice and The Well Scent Team

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