I wake up in a sheet of white fog, a fog so thick it blankets the entire valley, even the mooing cows across the street cannot be seen. I rub my head and notice that I feel groggy and slightly unlike myself, but I temporarily set those feelings aside as I put on my bathrobe and make my way to the kitchen. Coffee awaits.

I pour the steaming hot coconut milk over the medium brew as I patiently await the sun, resisting the urge to open up my computer and start on that incredibly long ‘to do’ list that I already know will be the extent of my day.

Now here’s the thing; I adore work. I love the feeling that an active mind brings, the satisfaction of a job well done, and the connections that I am lucky enough to make each and every day, but I just can’t allow myself to work every second of every moment, it leaves no room for rest, clarity, and self-love.  Too much work leaves no room for you, and all that you may be feeling in that exact moment, something that is extremely important if you want to be able to keep a healthy working schedule; if you want to keep doing what you love, whatever that may be.


So, back to the steaming hot coffee, because that is what this is really about. It’s about you, making time for yourself, and knowing that it’s the little moments in your day that allow you to complete the bigger ones. It’s the little moments that help to take away any stress or anxiety you may feel towards certain aspects of your life. And don’t forget: Progress is always being made, even when it feels like you’re doing absolutely nothing.

When we take the time to do nothing, we begin to realize that our worries don’t need to consume us, they can merely be a passing thought; a strong thought, yes, but one that does not have a permanent place in our minds. We have the power to let it go. We have the power to make progress without the stress of overstimulation.

Here are a few of my favorite essential oil blends to help to support me through the big moments, and the little. After all, you cannot have one without the other.

Renew:  Helps to support optimal health by addressing infections, the lymphatic and circulatory system, as well as the immune system. This blend also helps to prevent and fight anguish, insomnia, depression, and sadness. (for topical, aromatic, or internal use).

Smile: A handcrafted oil specifically designed for emotional support, whether it be for the use of calming or energizing, it’s a perfect blend to use throughout the colder months (for topical use only).

Balance: Is paired wonderfully with the above blends, especially Renew, as it helps to support the immune system as well as being both grounding, balancing, and energizing (for topical, aromatic, or internal use).


Breathe in. Breath out.

Wrap your mind around the beauty within.

The beauty without.

The beauty of a still mind.

To create space. 

Filling up with the missing pieces.




You have found your home. 

You have found your peace.

Within + without. 


Words, Well Scent

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