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According to ancient tradition and age-old ceremony, the full moon is the perfect time to seek whole-body balance. It is believed that the cycle of the moon, coinciding with the moon’s frequencies and gravitational pull, create the perfect moment in time and space to release what no longer physically, energetically or spiritually serves us. Many religious and spiritual practices hold full moon ceremonies, or individuals often call this time a “full moon detox”, “lunar cleanse” or set the intention to utilize the moon for a “full moon release”. This is a time of rebirth, and a beautiful chance to physically, emotionally or energetically start anew. 

With the help of this particular full moon, we are setting the intention to heal “Under The Stars”. We love utilizing ‪#‎essentialoils‬, along with ‪#‎crystals‬ and journaled ‪#‎intentions‬, to support our body, mind and spirit in its effort to release, regenerate and renew. Dab on this earthy, sweet blend of Bergamot, Oak Moss and Tonka Bean and step outside tonight to gaze up at the moon, “under the stars”. Carry some crystals in your pocket, bring out your journal, and make a wish. The Universe is listening.

~Under The Stars Essential Oil Blend~

Physically Balancing Benefits: Balancing and grounding for an over-active nervous system. Restores homeostasis. Stabilizes neurotransmitters. Heals root triggers for insomnia and promotes peaceful, restful, healing sleep.

Emotionally Balancing Benefits: Emotionally grounding. Facilitates ease and peace in moments of anxiety. Aids in releasing worry, stress and anger. Connects us with hope for healing.

Spiritually Balancing Benefits: Supports first chakra grounding. Grounds the spirit into the body. Aids in release of unwanted energy in the 6th and 7th chakras. Facilitates the release of energy that no longer serves us, sending the message to the spirit that it is strong and resilient, and in this moment all is well.

Suggestions for use: Dab on sternum, wrists or temples during ceremony and prayer. Dab on yoga mat during yoga. Diffuse near alter or in bedroom. Use in an evening bath. Drop on pillow or place on a cloth or cotton ball near bed.

~Moon-Inspired Essential Oil Blends~

Over The Moon
Under The Stars

We wish you restoration, regeneration and peace on this beautiful Full Moon Friday.
The Well Scent Team

(Written By, Candice Mitchell)

Words, Well Scent

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